Hey I’m this video I bypassed a screenshare. If you would also like the client I used and want to bypass as shown go get sippin (
Do you want the cheapest and highest quality alts?
Well is for you! They have a range of alts that are all very very high quality and for the price well its unbeatable!
I do not take any credit for any of the music used in this video.
Modifications for Minecraft are ALLOWED
For more info on this read under the section “USING OUR GAME”

You’re allowed to use modifications for your game as stated by Mojang Support on their Official website:

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  1. Ik this video is old but I bought icetea a while ago and I’m wondering how you recorded this. I’ve already bypassed a few screenshares but every time they find out that I’m recording. Was it just nvidia shadow play you used or something else?

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