Call of duty 4 "couldn't load filesystemcheck.cfg" fixed 100%


Hello YouTubers,
Do you have a problem with call of duty 4 modern warfare? And When you run it , it says “couldn’t load filesystemcheck.cfg? Then you are in the right video and the right channel.
In this video you are gonna be taught how to fix COD 4 error “couldn’t find filesystemcheck.cfg”.

Download the MAIN Folder here if you don’t have (Updated) :
If you couldn’t understand the video, Just follow these simple steps in order to fix that error :
▶ Go to your setup folder.(DVD or CD)
▶Double Click on “Crack” folder.
▶ Then double Click on the “main” folder.
▶Then you’ll see some files.Copy them all.
▶Go to your game folder and double Click on “main” folder.Now you’ll see all the same files that you copied but they all are of “0 kb”
▶Delete those files.
▶ Now paste the files that you copied.
▶ Now the problem is solved. Run your game and enjoy 😀

This error comes mainly because of these files…….

Thanx fir reading the description and watching the video.
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And if you have any problem regarding to it just comment down below thnx.
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  1. Guys please stop disliking my Video, It worked perfectly fine on my PC. If you dont have the crack or main folder Its not my problem I just had to show you a way to fix this. SO IF YOU DONT HAVE CRACK THEN DOWNLOAD THE GAME FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE WHICH HAVE CRACK. OR ELSE BUY IT FROM ANY CD SHOP.THANKYOU

  2. heres the full game link

    (press the red button if its in foreign language)

  3. I tried the link, all it did was loop recaptcha tiles over and over again and I never got to where this file is supposed to be. Would've been nice to give us a simple file location instead of jumping thru all those damn hoops!

  4. Here's what i did:
    When you install COD go to properties, then Open File Location. When you open it go to folder "main". If you have some files who's not extracted just extract it (extract here) in main folder and that's it. Sorry for bad English i hope you understand! 😀

  5. Here's what I did:
    -I uninstall the game, then restart my computer
    -I let my computer run for 3-5 minutes then shut it down
    -Wait for couple of minutes after shutting down then turn it on again
    -I install the game then tried to play/finish 2-3 missions
    -Restart my computer then run the game and it works like a charm, the error didn't come out and the game runs.

  6. My folder has all the correct files already but still I can't run the game :/
    The same problem is still happening!!


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