Call of Duty Mobile VS Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Sound & Animation Comparison


Call of Duty Mobile VS Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Sound & Animation Comparison

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. life box says

    Dude I'm pretty sure bo2 didn't have m16

  2. Mohit Negi says

    The ak47 sound in mobile is same as cod4 modern warfare.

  3. Alexander Divino says

    The gun sounds in codm need more bass. They don't sound like they pack a punch.

  4. doodskie999 says

    Its basically a downgraded version of BO2, thats why I love playing this game

  5. mr. unhelpfulspoon says

    In the title it shows the kn 44 from bo3

  6. z.k. genesis says

    M16A4 is from MW series.
    Why it’s in BO2?

  7. Shadow Lord says

    An I hope there add the reload animation that will be sick

  8. Shadow Lord says

    Trust me he is using filmora

  9. ArinPlayz Gaming says

    the devs need to buff the freaking Chicom, the ttk is just terrible

  10. 我是ONCE? says

    They just skip the satisfying part of reloading

  11. Champagne says

    Can you also do a character skin comparison

  12. SMM productions says

    MOW sounds like clapping cheeks

  13. Shah Wolf says

    I hate type 25🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  14. Anakin Skywalker says

    You didnt doo AK117

  15. Sam Roy says

    M4a1 is totally different has a very good fire rate and a range , m4 is stable but I wish of m4a1

  16. Spartan 360434 says



  17. PaythePrice says

    Now I wonder if they'll ever make another codm game.

  18. Nate Adams says

    Cover art is wrong, kn-44 came from black ops 3

  19. Ange Noir says

    M16 and AK 47 in BO2 ???? WTF

  20. NoOnEcAn SaVeU says

    Sound quality of cod black ops 2 is best

  21. Hot Boy says

    The Black Ops weapons sounds are much better than the mobile version

  22. BEASTWOLF says

    That animation after changing the mag should be there on cod mobile thats cool

  23. Kono Dio Da! says

    Its sad.CodM dont have a full reload animation

  24. Vatsal Parmar says

    Do you have rapid fire on your guns in bo2?

  25. Ninja Dork says

    Some of those guns are not in bo2 how did u get em

  26. Dangerdude 88 says

    Why does Man O War look like a DoomSlayer weapon I've started thinking now 🤔

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