Can You Ride a 250cc Dual Sport on the Freeway? Honda CRF250L Freeway Test and Top Speed


Can you ride a 250cc dual sport motorcycle like the Honda CRF250L on the freeway? Is the CRF250L top speed sufficient to keep up on an interstate? Inquiring minds want to know, and in this video I’ll potentially risk my life by taking my 250cc dual sport motorcycle on the freeway for science!

Long story short, yes the Honda CRF250L or any other similar 250cc dual sport bike can handle freeway speeds. You don’t have much extra top speed to accelerate away if you need to, and the ride is buzzy, vibratey, and wobbly to the point of being uncomfortable, but a smaller dual sport like the CRF250L, WR250R, XT250, TW200, or other similar bikes is up to the task of keeping up with freeway traffic at 75 or 80 miles per hour.

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Dunlop D606 Rear Tire:
Pirelli MT-21 Front Tire:

2016 Kawasaki Versys LT
2016 Honda CRF250L
2018 Honda Grom ABS


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  1. I run 60 to mph on my 2019 250l for 5 miles then I'm in the woods after that it's kinda sketchy with bad roads the tires grab the cracks but it's a great time .87 mph on the 2019 at 150 lbs

  2. Don’t do it doesn’t work I do it when no one’s around but when there’s traffic don’t do it

  3. What’s your height and weight if you don’t mind me asking? I’m a bigger guy 6’1 250 and am looking at this bike. But I have no freeways. 65 will get you pulled over so that’s not a problem for me.

  4. Not sure why everyone hates on small bikes going on freeway's, I've taken my grom mostly on freeways and long road trips, sure it's not fast and it barely keeps up to 60mph but the bike is fine and it's not scary one bit, in fact it's pretty chill… iduno I really genuinely hate the stigma that just because it's a small displacement bike that it doesnt belong on the freeway. Obviously if the local law has a cc requirement than that's different but overall the bikes are fine and it's pretty fun !

  5. My 2019 250l goes a little over 80 mph no problem with my fatass so I couldn't imagine how much faster someone slim could go if at all.

  6. I run stock tires, 13t front 42t rear with fmf header and exhaust, k&n filter, ejk tuner and have the home made wind screen from youtuber fmlstewart on the 2016 model. I also have the drd speedo healer. My bike in a tuck on a back road with a slight upward grade hit 83. Maybe get a few more if the road was longer lol. But i let off and had some speed wobbling due to the road condition, crappy ohio roads. When i ran it wide open in florida i would cruise on highway for 3 exit lenghts or so at 75 ish and she was buzzy but felt planted and thats before the windscreen addition which i highly reccomend as it takes 95 percent of the wind off your chest. Im 200lbs and 5 ft 10. Love the littke red pig that can and will do anything you have yhe juevos to do.

  7. My first bike was an old Ninja 250 (37hp?), but it did have a fairing. Got it up to about 122 mph once, rpms something like 13,500. Those things could really scream, but of course it would have been useless in the dirt. No way do I go highway with that Honda dirt bike, not with those tires, especially. Accident waiting to happen, and you can't accelerate out of trouble… no no no.

  8. Great vid .You will find lowering the gearing 13 – 42 sprockets , will allow the engine to develop horsepower needed to go faster. Im not kidding! I blasted down the highway at 130 k (80} for about an hour . (GPS) It was a long hour I must admit. But I was Speeding. Cheers!

  9. Gawd, I hate when people like that black car at 4:42 do that crap. Overtake you, then just camp right next to you. WTH?

  10. Your video came up on my YouTube page of videos I may like, and being a avid adventurer motorcyclist I started to watch it. As you were riding the surroundings looked familiar. I'm thinking that freeway sure looks familiar. I thought wow the surroundings look familiar. Then you you say that you are going to turn off in about a mile because no need to go to Eugene or California as you pass a sign that says Lebanon/Corvallis. Then I realized Oregon. I drive GFFrd almost every day. I too have a Africa Twin. Awesome video. I am now a subscriber. Any time you want to ride let me know. I belong to a small group of riders 3 other locals and we explore as much of Oregon as we can.👍👍

  11. I ride a 2019 Yamaha xt250. I have rode it through hwy 9 Santa Cruz mountains and pushed over 60 with stock nobbies but I completely agree that I wouldn't want to run at those speeds for over an hr. I haven't taken it out on the freeway yet but been having fun riding the back roads. Thanks for video.

  12. Not bad for a 250 I'm definitely thinking about buying this bike but as more for a commuter. Also this is going to be my first bike. Question is it difficult riding a 4-stroke as a beginner bike ?

  13. Lol of course yes I went from Quebec to Ontario straight on the highway 2 years ago without any problems at all. I did a motovlog on that. Peace👇🏽


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