Champions League Round of 16 – All FC Bayern matches | Highlights


FC Bayern Munich have played a lot of Round of 16 matches in the UEFA Champions League – be it against Real Madrid, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or other top teams. Enjoy the highlights of the most epic matches.

0:00 Intro
0:21 FC Bayern vs. Real Madrid (2004)
2:16 Real Madrid vs. FC Bayern (2004)
3:52 FC Bayern vs. Arsenal (2005)
5:34 Arsenal vs. FC Bayern (2005)
7:14 FC Bayern vs. AC Milan (2006)
8:43 AC Milan vs. FC Bayern (2006)
10:34 Real Madrid vs. FC Bayern (2007)
12:28 FC Bayern vs. Real Madrid (2007)
14:27 Sporting CP vs. FC Bayern (2009)
16:11 FC Bayern vs. Sporting CP (2009)
18:01 FC Bayern vs. ACF Fiorentina (2010)
19:54 ACF Fiorentina vs. FC Bayern (2010)
21:34 Inter Milan vs. FC Bayern (2011)
23:20 FC Bayern vs. Inter Milan (2011)
25:05 FC Basel vs. FC Bayern (2012)
26:49 FC Bayern vs. FC Basel (2012)
28:43 Arsenal vs. FC Bayern (2013)
30:33 FC Bayern vs. Arsenal (2013)
32:31 Arsenal vs. FC Bayern (2014)
34:32 FC Bayern vs. Arsenal (2014)
36:30 Shakhtar Donetsk vs. FC Bayern (2015)
38:07 FC Bayern vs. Shakhtar Donetsk (2015)
40:07 Juventus vs. FC Bayern (2016)
41:57 FC Bayern vs. Juventus (2016)
43:49 FC Bayern vs. Arsenal (2017)
45:41 Arsenal vs. FC Bayern (2017)
47:28 FC Bayern vs. Beşiktaş (2018)
49:25 Beşiktaş vs. FC Bayern (2018)
51:16 Liverpool vs. FC Bayern (2019)
53:07 FC Bayern vs. Liverpool (2019)
54:58 Chelsea vs. FC Bayern (2020)

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  1. Darius Black says

    beşiktaşım beeeeeeeee

  2. Diego Custodio says

    Claudio Pizarro eres una leyenda

  3. Rocío Rios says

    Solo le tocan equipos faciles ese Chelsea apenas está en reconstrucción

  4. Metin Tekeli says

    45:43 toplamda 2-10 olacak

  5. mo Salah says

    liverpool Hat euch Gefi****t

  6. Blood Dragon says

    Zidane im Bayern Trikot 😍😍😍

  7. Samuka El says

    51:22 no Van Dijk. Yes Fabinho

  8. bsp sport says

    line ups are wrong

  9. Not MainManMané hth says

    45:41 it should be 10-2 aggregate. Quick maths uno

    51:22 Fabihno played with Matipin defence, Van Dijk was suspended. Seems you switched the lineup with 53:26 😂

  10. Not MainManMané hth says

    Ancelotti's Milan, what a force. Que Jugadores

    Amazing editing work put in btw.

  11. Peter Hammer says

    Milan – Bayern in 2006 was a joke. Those penalties 😂😂😂

  12. Ardan Radistya Mahardika says

    I just realised that most of player that we play against in round of 16 is going to bayern.

  13. Lucas Mateus says

    [🙆Fc BAYERN M❤NCHEN👈💪]

  14. Lucas Mateus says

    [😃Extraordinary Video▶👈👏]

  15. sammy ham says

    Robben was the key to qualifying during the big matches !

  16. Heinz-Peter Wolfgang Marcel Gerhard-Baumgüttler says

    legendäre Momente! Aber die Musik ist von 2007 auf 2009 schon sehr verkümmert

  17. Barba Tops says

    Los goles de robben eran magnificos.

  18. MULLER THE GOAT says

    12-1 lol

  19. Aspirio says

    What I'll remember from this video :

    Real Madrid our biggest european rival
    Selling Kroos, the biggest mistake ever made
    Roberry will stay in the legend for long long years
    London is bayern training camp

  20. Catenaccio Nachos says

    23:40. Was für ein Spiel, muss man wirklich sagen. Eines der besten Achtelfinales ever!

  21. Apocaliptica Polska says

    hellow all:) just find this video, from Poland speak only eng,ger,ruc and ofc polish 😛 have good day:) for think:" try understand polish mind" ( why this nation its immortal?)

  22. Dede Rahmat says


  23. Long272vuong Huy says


  24. Long272vuong Huy says


  25. Giannis Lenis says

    27:10 song?

  26. ÁBDÚŁŁÁH ÁDÁM says

    42:27 pogba reteee😂😂😂

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