Clash Of Clans : Rushing Town Hall 8! – Ep. 34


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Welcome to my Clash of Clans Let’s Play! This is my first time playing the game, so please forgive me for the frustration I’ll put you through with all the poor decisions I will surely make!

Clash of Clans is a popular iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android game created by Supercell. Clash of Clans is completely free, but you can also buy gems with real money from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store via in-app purchases. However, if you’re willing to wait, Clash of Clans gives free gems over time and every part of the game is available for free!

Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you can construct and expand your village, using different base layouts to defend it. As you progress, you unlock more powerful warriors and defenses, and with the right attack strategy, can defeat more advanced players!

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Outro – “Sugar High” by Approaching Nirvana


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  1. Fababo Ya says


  2. Ribtickles The best says


  3. Mohamed Akbar says

    You’re not my friend

  4. Hello M8 says

    Putang ina mo

  5. Hello M8 says

    Who watching in 2018?

  6. Bre4dStix says

    I know I'm late but the reason rushing is so bad is when you don't have your town hall standard troop

  7. Jolo Ramirez says

    Si much

  8. Belinda Paul says

    This guy brings shame to me i have a max th10 and max th9 but max th9 is in master ll and max th10 is in champion l sometimes i check my accounts also im lead of a clan with 32000 trophies but coc is dead and it sucks now cr is kinda dead



  10. Mr Fizzer says

    Why did you put Bob on the outside of the walls of your base

  11. Eva Bawden says

    He did pretty goodmwith the dragons finally

  12. Bangdin Bangdin says

    Why don't u upgrade dragon too instead of upgrading those troops

  13. Nikolo G says

    Im lvl70 th7 upgrading to th8

    Am i rushed?

  14. Tin Delic says


  15. VipMidget says

    Wrm plss rushing

  16. Anti- Games says

    this is not called rushing

  17. K4z3roo _ says

    who watching on 2017-9999

  18. SultioBoB says

    800th comment!! THAT THUMBNAIL THO!

  19. supertrollface says

    thats fine

  20. Lyrics ROCKER says

    2 subscribed

  21. GAMER UNKNOWN says

    dood your not rushing

  22. harry_ms 27 says

    Use lightning spells on the air defence

  23. SaltyPlays says

    my friend rushed more than that he was town hall 7 when he was xp level 28

  24. Salas Vargas says


  25. Thamid Zam says

    rip thumbnail

  26. Blue Brick Entertainment says

    I'm town hall 9 with level six walls and level seven archer towers

  27. UnHoly Heavy -AIMX- says

    anyone noticed that the th7 has a level 4 clan castle even though u get it at th8?

  28. Tiger Gamer says

    Yea I rushedTH6

  29. Foster W says

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Dident #26s bace look like the swastica?

  30. OBK J Sapo 2k says

    I'm max th7 going to th8

  31. kamal kumar pandey says

    i am th5 max and my th is 8

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