Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Defense (CoC TH8) BEST War Base Layout Defense Strategy


Best Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 8 – The Best War Base Setup for TH8 (CoC)

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Town Hall Level 8 Defense – Hybrid Base

Town Hall Level 8 Defense – Farming Base

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Music : Engine Fire by Silent Partner

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  1. orbitsoneluv says

    got to says this is THE BEST TH8 WAR DEFENSE EVER!!!! just been in a war and i defended 5 times. Im number 14 on my war map and a number 4 on the opponent have to drop down to 3 starred this base! I rarely get 3 starred by other TH8's too. GREATLY recommend :)) Thanks for the great layout!

  2. Nova says

    Name of the music pls?

  3. Kxngrae says

    I love this channel

  4. Kevin says

    you're a fucking genius dude!

  5. Troy Greenwell says

    where should I put the air sweeper?

  6. Yousuf karem says

    I am using the th7.5 i bought new walls traps

  7. Allaris says

    is there gonna be an updated one with air defenses?

  8. Nat Bolling says

    Thanks, I hope it works but with the update where should I put the air sweeper?

  9. Eric Villa says

    Air sweeper

  10. Gian Rodriguez says

    Is this an anti drag base?

  11. Robin Smith says

    I love this base thanks – it's been massively successful. Where should I place the air sweeper?

  12. Devin Mapp says

    Awesome base. Do you like this base layout or the anti dragon base you just built for a war defense?

  13. praful sawant says

    bro i really nead a th8 anti drag base plzzzz

  14. sparnt117 says

    This set up looks pretty good, does it work?

  15. Jhuriz Jhuriz says

    do you have an th8 anti dragon base??

  16. moneymker18 says

    Can you make an anti gowipe for Th8 please?

  17. jcchavez16 says

    whats the best war base for th8, this one or the other ones?

  18. praful sawant says

    can you make a anti dragon base plzz this base doesnt work for me

  19. Jason says

    Thanks man! My base was shit haha, this is a good war base setup!

  20. Sarthak Datta says

    Is this one better or the previous one?

  21. Siim Suisalu says

    good base. maybe on the right side switch the air def with wiz tower. Currently one could use lightning on bottom right air defense and attack mass dragon  from top right side. Which might end up 3 staring if everything is not maxed and dragons are lvl3. Also it is good idea to have wiz tower next to big bomb, for having better chance of killing hogs.

  22. JTBomb007 says

    Gunna use this base for my current war mate.

  23. Momia75 says

    I've had this base for Like 6 Wars and Its Only gotten 1 Star'd THANKS FOR THE LAYOUT !

  24. Sean Lanier says

    lol i'll just wait. would you mind e-mailing me? im spreading you're gospel lol

  25. Sean Lanier says

    About to put this on, I'll see how it goes in war, normally your bases are so symmetric and this isnt. Im so OCD lmao, its the only thing i dont like lol

  26. Ryan King says

    There is 3 air def in th8 now

  27. yungblurri says

    Your the best coc base builder. This helped me really out bro. Thanks

  28. BIGGEST FAN says

    is there only a 3 air defences or i didnt see 4th?

  29. Alex Gutierrez says

    Can you please make another channel on clash of clans where you raid and all that stuff

  30. GameDiceHD says

    @ abdulla alhindi – thanks 🙂

  31. Ace says

    I copied all your th8 bases and you just got a sub.
    Clash on!

  32. Aurelien Callanuin says

    Tu pourrais faire un village farming hdv 8 stp

  33. litty titty says

    Man you are really good at this. Like n sub

  34. C Y says

    Please do a defensive base on TH 7 With everything ( Yes include Barbs)

  35. Brandon Goh says

    Hey GameDiceHD Bro When will you do the th 9 farming base with no archer queen? I really need help with that my dark elixir is always gone and I'm at 35k dark elixir 5k more to get archer queen please help

  36. Samuel Dickinson says

    Game Dice, you are honestly the best base builder I have ever come across on YouTube, ill be using your bases because they are awesome!

  37. Houston Buchner says

    Dude who ever this guy is, making these videos, join my clan, Living Legends. We need your support. PLEASE. I've been using ur base desings sense th 1, so day 1 for me.

  38. Christian Jordan says

    Hey wat clan are u in nam can I join because u are really good

  39. 〈----Ughhhh This Is Natural says

    Wow love the base Im saving for town hall lvl 8 only base thing there is so much new stuff so I'll have to wait a while first so I can get all the stuff but love the base it looks unraidable
    Keep up the good work

  40. Pekkarex - Brawl Stars says


  41. Tom Hayes says

    Gamedice I was denied access to the clan GameDiceHD 456 by Daniel why is this I'm level 34 with a town hall 6 base

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