Clash of Clans – Town hall 8 (Th8) War Base Anti Dragon 3 stars + Epic Replay


Clash of Clans Town hall 8 (Th8) Clan war and Trophy base Defense Anti Dragon Anti air & Anti Hog with Epic Replay including air sweeper

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Track : 1 – Get Lost – Niklas Gustavsson
Track : 2 – Headbanger Highway 1 – Victor Ohlsson
Track : 3 – Headbanger Highway 2 – Victor Ohlsson
Track : 4 – Fast Groovy Angry Melodic Metal Trailer No1 – Johnny Berglund

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. Dev Krishna says

    Where should we keep the bomb tower

  2. Cherubin Giftson says

    Attackers r th8 they may use 2 lightning ,1 earth and 1 rage but they use only lightning why????

  3. Kollegah d.B. says

    Oh intro song from AlexV^^

  4. CLASHER LAB says

    Awesome Base ! Sub !!

  5. M Annas Zahid says

    How can You able to upgrade that Air Defence …Its Th9 Air Defence 😐

  6. Big Papa says

    Drag and loon troops can destroy it

  7. med K2 says

    Valks can fuck this easily

  8. Rahul sharma says

    Another war player do 3star by 10 dragon and 3 rage

  9. MAXPRO ZONE says

    Good base Ilike but bro where is bomb tower

  10. Abhinav Joshi says

    Song name plzzz

  11. Prince Rathod says

    It is not th 8 base

  12. Milan Brar says

    it is best town hall 8 base

  13. Siem Oosterveer says

    this base will be raiped by valks

  14. Aamer Shaikh says

    Nice music

  15. King Nobie says

    Hey! Most of u youtubers forget to put bomber tower in any th8 base

  16. King Nobie says

    Hey! Most of u youtubers forget to put bomber tower in any th8 base

  17. Latest Movies says

    It really works. Wow. Thanks

  18. Ashutosh dwivedi says

    he don't know how to use attack stupid !!I will get 3 star on your base

  19. Dipen Bhattrai says

    awesome riffs m/

  20. Apex Raider says

    dude i just got 3 starred using this base by 10 lvl 2 dragons with no cc backup wtf???

  21. Sourav Naskar says

    3 lv5 lightening spell on one air defense oh. horrible.

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