How to get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale – A no BS game-plan / guide for free to play (F2P) players AND those who spend money on the game.

In this episode we’ll review what I think is the best value-play to get the most chances at unlocking Legendary cards given the time and resources expended.

We’ll also review some Legendary Chest cycle odds, Legendary card pull chances for each chest, and how much better Grand and Classic challenges are than buying Super Magical Cups and/or gold from the shop.

– At 3:20 I said legendary chests cost $33 … I meant SMC.
– Updated Legendary Chest odds are 1:500 across every arena.

Check out Orange Juice’s video on Legendary Card/Chest odds here:

Check out my video explaining the different deck archetypes in the game here:

Check out Clash Royale Drop Rates from –

Clash out Legendary Chest’s per cycle on Reddit here by u/iMix-

Enjoy and best of luck on your Legendary quest!!

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  1. Gregory Adams says

    How do you get a legendary barbarians Workshop

  2. Nexus says

    Everybody saying that you have to pay to get legendaries don’t know anything about the game. My dad has all of the legendaries (except for bandit), and he’s a free to play player. Y’all are just lazy fr.

  3. Laurence Ayo says

    I'm at challenger I bro for a week now, always filled my chest queue, but still can't get any grasp or even just smell the 12 Legendary cards i don't have which include the Mega knight. SAD….

  4. Cyber Wolf says

    Wtf i got lava hound and night witch
    Holy COW

  5. Armando Asllani says

    C'mon! 1 chest for 2 cycles!!!:(

  6. Sandwich says

    Oh yes so u want us to play 300 to 400 games for a cycle chance

  7. Lych Mrcd says

    Dude i hate legendary chests i never gotten a good one so first i did the challenges got a princess did it again got a miner did it again got a log (log is pretty good) now i bought the night witch is ok but yea then i flippin collected flippin 350 crowns (35 times 10 =350) THEN I GOT A FLIPPIN FISHERMAN!!

  8. Rafee Malik says

    Those days are gone

  9. sali gaafar says

    I’ve ignored what he said for the last 3:50 minutes watching him get beat by a level 1

  10. CAM Productions says

    Breh I opened two chests and got the same thing in both

  11. Lego Darth Vader says

    I got mega Knight In arena 4 lol, I don't even know how to use it

  12. manish shah says

    guys i will tell you the secret to get legendary chest

  13. supercell karol says

    You lost whith a level 1

  14. ToMuchFAME says

    #4:06 u have 69 gems lol

  15. socialanthony 720 says


  16. Aced Xavier says

    What type of gift cards work for clash royale

  17. spoonkey says

    I've played since legendery's where introduced and im in the electro arena and i don't have a single legendary.

  18. XxMythicalxX says

    I got 2 legendaries in one weekend just out of free chests

  19. my dad says

    My deck is
    Bats,fire wiz,exicutner or witch,prince, balloon,inferno,fire ball,rage

  20. my dad says

    I m in Goblin arena but i never get any legendary card in shop
    Nd i only have 2 legendary (Sparky md log) nd i hardly use these 2 cards

  21. SlyCoderPS379 v says

    I got my legendary chest on 398 chests

  22. ElitezYT says

    Arena 9 No legendary yet.

  23. Yan Ying says

    i played clash royale for 2 years and only have one legendary, a skeleton spawn one and its not that useful in high arenas

  24. Anthony Bustos says


  25. Jeberts 138 says


  26. FoxhenDidAThing says

    What about epic chest???

  27. FrsCereal says

    Right before i watched this video i got a night witch out of a 6 win chest

  28. Captain Spandex says

    I'm free play and I got a level 2 log

  29. Riablo says

    I'm on arena 10 and 0 legendary cards :((

  30. nestor ismael says

    Please I need help, I have the worst luck, like literally the worst luck ever. I’ve opened supermagical chests, magical chests, epic chest!! Every goddamn chest, and the only 2 legendary card that I have, I have them because I bought 2! Legendary chests for 500 gems each, that I had saved 😭😭

  31. YvngWeebs says

    I'm pissed my friend got a sparky from a wooden chest

  32. MMHisLive says

    I got 3 leggies MK, Night witch and ice wizard in 4 days span…

  33. Nam less says

    dude your deck is seeeeeek . in youtuber challenge I got leg . the a lot . but orange juice's deck is the most op shit I have seen

  34. syam izham says

    Hard to get legendry card

  35. ImYoungYob says

    I got princess in a gold chest

  36. SPIRITUAL K1 says

    It would be nice of the game counted how many chests you've opened

  37. Jeff Hoftyzer says

    i got a princess from a 5 win classic challenge chest

  38. Pickles United says


  39. Dio Brando says

    Its pretty sad that I haven't got one legendary card and I'm one arena 8 and level 8.

  40. StealthyNinja YT says

    Yo i have inferno dragon from clan chest and princess from golden chest

  41. Stephano Godoy says

    Lol im level 8 not a single legendary and im on arena 8 the game fucking hates me

  42. SIRMAXALOT 24 says


  43. Little Wong says

    Bro the intro is on FLEEK!!

  44. dat boi says

    ive played clash royale for along time i got no legends

  45. DaGeometryBoi says

    I miss the legendary chest yesterday😭😭😭😭😭

  46. Wave Check says

    I really want electro wiz or log

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