Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings | Who's The Best? 2018


Clash Royale Legendary Card Rankings | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Today in Clash Royale we’ll rank all the Legendary cards in 2018. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Legendary ranking video and we’ve had several major balance change updates. Let’s discuss them all and see what card gets the award of best Legendary in 2018! Enjoy!

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  1. Sorry about the "today is balance day!" intro 😀 Recorded this one yesterday! Hope you enjoy it!

    Also……don't miss tomorrow's video! Really awesome new Golem deck (skarmy, witch, dart goblin) with Ah Craaaap!

  2. Why am I watching this video a year and half after it was released? Lol
    I'm from the future, when fisherman is the top card and inferno dragon is the bottom

  3. 15. Sparky
    14. Lava Hound.
    13. Graveyard
    12. Night Witch
    11. Mega Knight
    10. Inferno Dragon
    9. Princess
    8. Royal Ghost
    7. Magic Archer
    6. Bandit
    5. Ice Wizard (It goes great along goblin decks)
    4. Lumberjack (Just love it)
    3. Log
    2. Electro Wizard
    1. Miner (It´s a better Goblin Barrel)

  4. I've been using miner since he came out and 2 years ago and I think he's the best legendary. There's never been a meta he hasn't been at least A tier in.

  5. I think the royal ghost is seriously overrated. I have him and ive tried using him and he just isn’t very useful. For me at least he doesn’t do anything that the knight doesnt. I would take the ice wizard over royal ghost any day just because he is so powerful when used as a combo card.


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