COC BEST Town Hall 8 (TH8) TROPHY Base 2019 with Copy LINK | TH8 Base Design/Derfense/Layout.


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BEST NEW Town Hall 8 Trophy Base 2019 defense TH8 hybrid base design Farming Base 2019 with opy link dark elixir farming base attack strategy

This Base will help you to protect your Trophy as well as Dark Elixir. From this base opponent can’t claim more than 2 star.
This is a Town Hall 8 (Th8) Trophy/Hybrid [defense] Base 2019 Design/Layout/Defence. It defends really well against a lot of different Attack Strategies at TH8 Including Giant Healer, GiWi (Giants & Wizards) as well.

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  2. you should add how the base defends against certain armies and add which cc troops u recommend. Other than that, this is the best base design channel on youtube.

  3. Thx so much I have literally won like 10 battles cause of this base. I’m definitely subscribing and thx for putting in the hard work

  4. Thanks for the video i definently copied the base however i switched a couple of things around, i definetly made it more symetrical, however its a good base thank you.

  5. Unraidable my ass. Got 3 starred easily. Took 8 dragons, a barbarian king and 10 wizards and 3 rage potions. They hit me from the top part and got in so easily

  6. This is the best Th8 base I’ve ever seen ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????and who’s watching this for his home base

  7. Your vids are literally more helpful and successful than other videos that are made by much more famous people, Keep up the Great Work!!


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