Combative Bruno! (Top 6 Global Bruno & Danzö Kuduro) Mobile Legends Gameplay


Combative Bruno! (Top 6 Global Bruno & Danzö Kuduro) Mobile Legends Gameplay

Name: Danzö Kuduro
Build: Swift boots,Berserkers fury,Scarlet phantom,Haas’s claws,Demon hunter sword,Rose gold meteor
Highst rank: Mythical Glory
Squad: Unit KreV
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– Intro music:
• MDK – Snowdown

– Outro music: 1
• Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

– Outro music: 2
• Jon Bellion – All Time Low (BOXINLION Remix)
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    Nub bruno

  2. Gee-to-Gee says

    Johnson is the new annoying tank.

  3. Odinenla Yaden says

    Sorry hellboy. Dont think that i left this channel.😁 its all because of my network. M at my village thats y i cant reach u on time😊😊 but m here always

  4. Yanu Amandayu says

    useless bane 😥

  5. ocean tiger says


  6. Sunep Ao says

    Ruby played well ☺️

  7. Dharmang says

    for me yqyq93 is still the best bruno but nice video thnxx 😀👍😁

  8. Tama青 says

    epic mode, mm like tank

  9. Alberto Velazquez says


  10. Shadow Ninja says

    From 10hp to full hp in just 1 minion wave lol

  11. Little Lost ur lost says


  12. SYD STUDIO says


  13. RuSh #Ac says

    Wow….this guy also not bad at playing football 👌👌😀

  14. Snoxツ says

    Now days no one play Brunos only Top Globals 😵😵

  15. Asta悪魔 says

    Lapu lapu next please

  16. Mad Butter Coconut says

    Thanks for the gameplay of Top 6 Global(Bruno) 🙂

  17. Zai XF says

    so nub he play. too greedy

  18. Red and Ded says


  19. Coco Bane says

    awsome gameplay Thank you so so so much ..
    Love you always

  20. Arif Rahman .I says

    Football in MOBA 😂

  21. Mirage says

    Lol that's Polish guy under turkish flag but he sold his acc…😵😵

  22. Prejudged Seeker says

    The name though lol

  23. Daniel Manu says


  24. Kōrihiro says

    Moskov pls

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