Create a Facebook Shop in minutes and start selling (step by step instructions)


Create a Facebook Shop in just a few minutes for your Facebook Page and start selling

Find out how to set up a Facebook shop for your business and reach more customers.

In this video, I use my own Facebook business page as a demo so you can see a real life facebook store set up.

I will run you through how to add single products as well as creating collections if you have a wide range of products

Finally, i will also show you how to add a shop now button so visitors can access your facebook store easily

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  1. I can’t get this to work .,it always asks me for bank information.when my sister had no problem with this .she was able to add thing to her shop no bank info ,its really frustrating ,anyone knows why ?

  2. Hi Sir i have i am small business and i want sell on facebook markert place do you have any video how to open facebook market
    place plus how to put my Bank account details and PAYPAL account in there to sell my items if you any video please sent to me related i love to see i am selling on different
    Website that will be a huge help every day i am searching may be you could help me thanks Waheed

  3. 3:04 The fact that purchases can't be made using Facebook shops is completely glossed over. The most important piece is missing.

  4. One of the pages i Manage doesnt have a checkout url in the add products or edit products section any ideas? thanks

  5. Great videos! Very clear and easy to follow. One question, can I only have one button? If I add a shop button then how can people also contact me with another button?

  6. Trying to set up a biz page. Got stuck at 3:00 – the "Checkout URL" option is not available in what I can see. Also, I can't set up any payment option

  7. My catalog manager is not that stupid looking! Mine is rather complicated and when I try to link to my Instagram account a professional account it refuses to link the shopping even though it's linked to post.

  8. Hi! I'm wondering if I can set up to sell just on Facebook with purchases being made right on my page. I don't want to have to have another website for my products. Booth #66. Chris McFarlane. Thanks for your help! This video answered many questions for me.

  9. Thanks for a Great video. As I want to create a Shop page for Amazon affiliate, do I need to add Amazon affiliate disclaimer and FTC affiliate disclaimer policies as per the amazon & FTC recommendations? And where should we add those policies?


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