Dark Star Malphite Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Dark Star Malphite Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Malphite on their Dark Star Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Tom Joram Vitor says

    No wonder, I dont see anybody with this skin

  2. 刘浩君 says

    Not a wow skin

  3. TheOcarinaOfTimeLink says

    lol got it through twitch prime 😀

  4. Blaze Libra says

    1: Alright, so for our next Dark Star line, we're thinking Mordekaiser, Xerath, and Malphite
    2: AND LUX
    1: …Well ok fine, ONE MORE can't hurt. Now then, we have the budget to make a legendary skin, and considering his ancient animations, we're thinking Mal-
    2: LUX
    1: What? No.

    2: Ĺ̴̦̤̯̫͍͆̆̌́ ̷̳̥͗͊̽̈͝ ̶̫̳͊̀ ̵̦̦̜̩͊̒̓ ̵̱̼̺̾͊ ̴͎̋Ű̵̢͚̬͇̬̋̈́͂̈͝ ̴̞͙̯͍̣̮́͐ ̸̙̈́̍̈̃ ̵̭̻́̂̑́́́ ̴̱̈̾̌̔͜ ̸̳̻͒̎́̓̕X̶̢͖͑͠

    1: ᵒᵏ ʰᵒˡʸ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ

  5. FullCaber says

    so sick of malphite not getting custom quotes BC

  6. 4 S says

    most ugly dark star skin

  7. Kappa says

    He only needs a visual update 😞

  8. Adrian Sanders says

    Cosmic Lux: This skin is going to be expensive, let's put our best people on it.
    Dark Star Malphite: I guess that leaves Malphite's new skin for you to work on Intern Ralph.

  9. Milka Tuc says

    1. Buff Malphite again so we can play him AP 1 SHOT
    2. Give him a real skin with a creative ULT animation.
    3. Delete this Skin.

  10. Chad Carteret says

    Ugh why is his head in the middle of his body!? He was my first main, but poor guy really needs a visual update.

  11. gasai yuno says

    I'll stick with Mecha.

  12. Arpeh Sec says

    Nobody Asked for This

  13. Marawan said says

    Looks like an evil heartseeker skin

  14. Filip Levec says

    Obsidian looks more dark star than this

  15. River of Styx says

    The Ult is less interesting now 🤦

  16. Barth OK says

    lmao disgusting

  17. Diashen Shen says

    That P Recall W,E,Ult And Die Animation Is Eww For Me

    Only Q Make's It Good And Give's An Effort

  18. Fernando Garcia says

    This shows:
    1. They only care about money
    2. Their creativity is disgusting

  19. Murloc Mage says

    Show fiddle or riot

  20. netanel gadilov says

    he is a rock star now

  21. PapaOfBrothersFromUganda says

    Dark Star more like Dark Rock

  22. Cagaanan Earl says

    I'm early!

  23. Jack Yoon says

    At this point, who needs this skin. Just giv us dat thiccer fiddle rito

  24. DarrenBTW - Music G says


  25. Butoi Mihai says

    A new version of the R O C K

  26. axel steve alv says


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