David Beckham Hair Transplant (UN)CONFIRMED!?


Here is my take on how the media recently started to pick on his diffuse hair loss and overexaggerate it. Are the rumors about David Beckham’s hair transplant true or not?
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  1. Hair Transplant or not? What do you guys think? Let me know below!
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  2. Not sure any of your logic makes sense here. I'm pretty confident someone of Beckham's caliber whose looks are of the utmost importance to his career has likely had at least 1 or 2 hair transplants by now. It's really not that hard to just get SMP on the FUE donor sites and make it look almost invisible. If he wears concealer on the top of his head, I'm sure he knows how to conceal the sides and back too. And plenty of doctors would give him a hair transplant. Just because you have diffuse thinning, doesn't mean you're not a candidate. It just means you have to be careful about how and where you use the grafts. This video of yours was poorly researched and poorly executed.

  3. Matt I am on fin since the start of the year and I am still seeing some hair loss when I scratch my head is this normal ?

  4. its must be nice to be talked about or speculated about hair transplant like 🙄🙄🙄….lol if yall thinning just get ht already lmao 💅🏻💅🏿🙄

  5. It is normal to loose density as you age. Do not think for a second that more than 5% of all the men in the world will reach his age with a full head of hair.

  6. I just watched his latest instagram clip very closely. I think he may have had his hairline done in the past? Because the arch between his hairline and temple sides has that typical HT curve to it.

  7. I think he did have one. I can’t attach pics here but he had receding temples before, then suddenly had a shaved head, wore hats for weeks, then had very short hair with lots of concealer in the wrong colour while he grew out the hair and finally, many months later appeared in court for a driving offence with his old longer style and grey hair and no more temple recession. That sequence of events is typical of a transplant.

  8. I've been enjoying the recent videos. My man Matt out here exposing people 🤣🤣🤣🤣!! Love the channel!

  9. Good one Matt.As my mate Don would say fake fkn news.Most journalists are one step off the dole que. A bunch of wankers imo.


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