Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy (Thugli Remix) [Official Full Stream]


The official Mad Decent YouTube release of Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy (Thugli Remix). Stream the full track and other Diplo & GTA releases here or show support on iTunes or Google Play.

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Your favorite ‘random white dude’ has been on a music tirade. From the meme-inspiring NOLA bounce tune “Express Yourself,” to “Boy Oh Boy” which took over stages and social media everywhere, to his deep festival-trap single “Revolution,” Diplo’s songs have stretched across the globe and planted themselves permanently into speakers everywhere.

Highlighting the evolution of his sound, Diplo’s put together a deluxe collection of his most popular singles, never-before-heard remixes and 2 brand new tracks that feature collaborations with the likes of Waka Flocka Flame, Yellow Claw, Alvaro and more. Whether or not you’re the ultimate Diplo fan already or you’re being introduced to him for the first time, Random White Dude Be Everywhere give you VIP access into what the Mad Decent boss and world renowned producer is all about.




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  1. Jake Feria says

    Blondre 3000
    Random white dudes be everywhere

  2. I'm Yeet0m0squit0 says

    In all honesty, the Kacper Kawala remix was better

  3. goldparkradio says

    what am i diplo?

  4. Michael Rhodes says

    great music, brings me back to the early 2000's and the late 90's techno music

  5. Alexis Mendoza says

    2:09 Pollo, pollo, pollo ♫♪ LOL

  6. JoeBoi says

    So it is just the original song with a trap beat instead of house?

  7. RiderForTheTRECE says

    fuck this song.. i hate when they have to lie to get u here…. fuck ur song die n go to hell son of a bitch

  8. Eve Seng says


  9. Jay Gibbins says

    How do I download that track?

  10. Linda Larson says

    I love how his music just has a couple of words but still makes you want to dance

  11. Jhason Gonzalez says

    Why doest it have a million views ?!

  12. Elfrid Raemon says


  13. Spoder スポーダー says

    oh yeaaaaaaaa KREYGASM

  14. Mawhdee says

    Is gta a game if it is I like the game oh and cool awesome so cool song bro

  15. aqweqsedqweqwe asdqqweasd says


  16. jaywhite _45 says

    Play socar while listening to this sick beat

  17. Don Yoyo says


  18. Leroy Anderson says


  19. Patrik Zorad says

    boy oh boy!! This one is real nice, good club vibe!

  20. daniel san says

    That intro😬🙌

  21. DieEneYoutubertjes says

    this is a trap remix

  22. Anttics says

    good stuff

  23. alexis trag says

    good and nice !!!

  24. Jessirus Alighieri says

    Que temazo ese, excelente remix 🙂

  25. paris Yu says


  26. Vir Wallace says


  27. Kristian K. Soriano says

    I…… Fucking….. Love…. This! Respect!

  28. Stanley Christophel says

    2.03 nice !

  29. Joshua Ehrlich says


  30. Alexandru Filip says

    Nothing bad

  31. santos says

    Trap remix

  32. anthony huerta says

    Buuuuuu !!!

  33. J Lander says

    I like it when Maddecent don't upload two songs overlapping each other it sounds much better

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