ENGLISH SPEECH | ANNE HATHAWAY: Paid Family Leave (English Subtitles)


Learn English with Anne Hathaway. In honor of International Women’s Day, Anne Hathaway gave an excellent speech on paid parental leave, gender stereotypes, and the culture of families in the 21st century. “The whole world grows when people like you and me take a stand because we know that beyond the idea of how women and men are different, there is a deeper truth that love is love, and parents are parents.” – Watch with big English subtitles.

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  2. Thank you for such a nice content! But is there anyone who explains to me, what does this sentence meaning? -> 'as I understand pretty universal'(-11:23)

  3. I came here to find an english video to learn, but opps. I fell in love with her. btw, the content was so good and I was able to have ideas for myself. Thank you !

  4. I do not relate to depending on 'government mommy-daddy' or 'corporate daddy-mommy' to make Life just what we want it to be. Our lives are not always what we want it to be; children don't understand that but, as adults, we do. Adults know that sacrifices are needed and we don't always get what we want.

    I simply cannot support forcing employers to pay our persinal bills, like paid leave. Paid parental leave is childish.

  5. Thank you so much for this brilliant experience her English is simply awesome and very understandable.

  6. Anne hathaway is so beautiful and i know she is an intelligent person bc her parents taught her well and her father is a lawyer her looks is unique for me bc i dont see other woman like anne hathaway

  7. Like here if you are still studying English during this coronavirus situation. If so, good job!


  8. PRIYANKA CHOPRA IS AWESOME ….PC never used key notes…..shell.break the Podium with her own ideasense.of humoured and her beauty.


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