EXOTIC Vietnamese food tour! SUPER RARE street food of Hanoi Vietnam


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1. Food name: Cà cuống – Belostomatid – Water Bug
Price : 50.000VND
Address: 12 Hàng Gà street, Hàng Bồ, Hoàn Kiếm district, Hà Nội
Operation Hours: 07:00AM – 01:00PM, 05:00PM – 11:00PM

2. Food name: Chả rươi – Sandworm Cakes
Price: 20.000VND
Address: 27 Thanh Hà street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hà Nội
Operation Hours: 07:00AM – 04:00PM

3. Food name: Chim cút quay lá mắc mật – Roasted quails with Vietnamese curry leaves.
Price: 12.000VND/small one, 15.000VND/medium one, 50.000VND/big one
Address: 218 Đội Cấn street, Liễu Giai, Ba Đình district, Hà Nội
Operation Hours: 03:00PM – 11:00PM

4. Food name: Pig Penal and others
Price: 50.000 VND
Address: 178 Giải Phóng Alley, Thanh Xuân District, Hà Nội
Operation Hours: 05:00PM -11:00PM

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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show says

    Follow me on insta for behind the scenes: @instaSonnySide

    Good news! Video's will start coming out chronologically from this point on! No more wondering where the hell I am.

  2. Huy Dang says

    Đi ăn đặc sản Hà Nội thì bạn nên rủ ng Hà Nội đi để giới thiệu nhé. Bạn Thức kia hình như là Việt kiều, món ăn quê hương mà cứ ù ù cặc cặc chẳng biết gi=)).

  3. Amanda Panda says

    “keep watching”
    but he was gone

  4. Quân Đội Thiếu Niên Đoàn says

    Those animals had been raised :))))))) And plz this is culture in some places :))))) it doesn’t mean everyone eat that kind of food.

  5. Margret wangari says

    The first food,second and the penis am out

  6. George Mulford says

    Id eat all that stuff – especially the crispy birds, they looked dam good

  7. zedge 209 says


  8. Byzantheum says

    oh my god…just eat the leg, why cook the head??

  9. Uttara Nath says

    Human culture is diverse. The food, cloths other habits ,all are influence of climate and man's survival on particular region. Be respectful to every culture. We Asians don't like food without spices and for rest of the world our food is too spicy, it's okay because you are not familiar with every cuisine. But the typical comments like "Asians will eat aliens", "How can they eat everything ", "Indians don't wear gloves while cooking " are indicating that you are not mature enough to explore different cultures.You should limit yourself in your own cultural habit.

  10. Elizabeth Magoncia says

    Did He just said MOUTH WATERING ?

  11. Nam Nongkhlaw says


  12. Wtsup Kulpreet Kaur says

    Nice one
    Indian food channel

  13. Trần Thành Đat says

    Please, they also eat grubs, bull testicles and grilled rat in america but you just rarely heard about them, most of Vietnamese people don't even know about these dishes, so stop stereotyping.

  14. Kz Robin says


  15. topan bagaskoro says

    buyung apa tu man?

  16. Hà Trí Phạm says

    Would you like to try bat soup in fking China?

  17. Solaiman Mamadra says


  18. Bui Quang says

    a lot of people seem to not understand the title of the video, “EXOTIC Vietnamese food” not “LOCAL Vietnamese food” even Sunny said in the video “bizarre foods that even make the local do a double check”. I who born and live in Vietnam for 19 years didn’t even know the existence of some of these food but even those i knew, most of my reaction is like the co-host, shock, scared and mostly running away.

  19. Surya Chowdary says

    I have a plan to travel that country but now definitely no where close

  20. Nayla nay says

    Gua gk ngerti gua gk paham 😕😕

  21. D&A's Army says

    I love all of your videos 😍

  22. Sarah Riedel says

    Interestingly enough (since you mention it being a non-Western dish) the whole-fried quail is actually a rather infamous practice in traditional French cuisine which arrived in Vietnam during the colonial era. French aristocrats would eat a species of small bird called an orlotan in the same way, bones and all, and there's something of an urban legend that the diners wore cloths draped over their heads while eating "tp hide their terrible act from God." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ortolan_bunting#As_food

  23. BULLSEYE says

    Ewwwww just ewwwww

  24. BULLSEYE says

    I swear I almost puked

  25. BULLSEYE says

    Poor animals

  26. Mohammad Issa says

    sorry i can not respect that!!

  27. kevin francis says

    When all country have to import protein/meat for its people . Vietnam: relax!!! We will survive!!!

  28. The Averkia says

    This comment section is very cringey

  29. pea nut says

    They're alive and how easily these people inflicting pain to these poor beings, frying them alive… , how inhuman it is…it doesn't affect anyone doing this… disgusting..!!

  30. Wahyu Setiyo Aji says

    Who's the name of your co-host? His so handsome vietnamese men. Love from Indonesia.. ❤

  31. Tamakon !! says

    Some people: "ew gross how can you eat that?"
    also they: stuff their mouth with tons of cheese and deep fried food that can serve a family of 5 for 3 years

  32. GodSent says

    Bruh…I can take a fresh shit he will try it, and still enjoy and describe the texture, creaminess and crunchiness or whatever however they describe things when eating.

  33. Streetertainment 101 says

    Crunchy little sparrow I like

  34. Irfan czechizkiev says

    Goddd! Not the wormmm

  35. Mateus Gontijo says

    Corona virus veio foi dai! Ne possivel!

  36. Doyan makan says

    Satu kata jijikkkk. Sembarangan makan.

  37. Agosto Kristov says

    Your Name is Sunny

  38. Rammus Bot says

    VietNamese Hello Tây

  39. Etresh Hove says

    Vietnam is one country that will never be hungry

  40. Shut The Fuck Up says

    This video sucks
    Stop loving vietnam!!!
    I hate vietnam

  41. HUY NGUYEN says

    Shut up bitch

  42. うちは まだら says

    2:55 my guy on the right got forgotten…

  43. うちは まだら says

    2:55 my guy on the right got forgotten…

  44. ODSL_ pUnX says

    Having some penis 😂😂😂😂

  45. The New York King The Real Freestyle Johnny says

    Feel free to support this

  46. Me too says

    Corna maker

  47. Toma Tomov says

    great video and awful food 😀

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