FAQ on How to get Legendary Cards | Clash Royale 🍊


0:09 – I’ve waited a long time and still don’t have any legendaries!
1:16 – My friends all have legendaries! Why don’t I get any? I’ve been playing longer and they have more!
1:48 – I’m losing games because I don’t have legendaries
2:26 – Player support should give me a legendary card!
2:51 – I spent a lot of money on chests and didn’t get a legendary! I want a refund!
3:26 – I want a specific legendary!
3:50 – I keep getting the same legendaries everytime!
4:10 – Can we get legendaries in Quests?
4:42 – Legendary cards don’t show up in my shop anymore!

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  1. That id showed me 376 legendary chest…but did not tell when I am going to get even any one..

  2. I went on stats royale and my next chests are mega lightning chest, legendary chest, magical chest, giant chest and what makes it better they are all in a row


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