FIRST OFFICIAL PS5 GAMEPLAY! New Playstation 5 Gameplay Demo (4K)


First Official Playstation 5 Gameplay – New PS5 Graphics Gameplay Demo!
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Epic Games today announced the next iteration of its game engine, the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), with a stunning demo running on the PlayStation 5. Epic says the demo shows off what next-generation game consoles will truly be capable of once developers have full access to creative tools like UE5 and the capability to squeeze the maximum out of new hardware and software baked into Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. “The graphics speak for themselves. And Epic has always pushed the bleeding edge of what’s possible,” CEO Tim Sweeney tells The Verge. “Our goal isn’t just to bring more features to developers. The hardest problem in game development right now is building high quality games takes enormous time and cost. So we want to make developers’ lives easier and more productive.” To show off UE5’s capabilities, Epic put together a demo running on a developer version of PS5 hardware and captured the output. The results showcase incredible visual quality, combined with the detail and photo-realistic lighting Epic promises its new tools will deliver. According to Kim Libreri, Epic’s chief technology officer, “the next-gen consoles are going to give consumers a quantum leap, and UE5 is another leap on top of that.”

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  1. Came here to confirm whether the disappointment after watching the Halo Infinite gameplay is valid. Any guesses?

  2. Superb insanely high graphic.. motion looks soo human like … i wish one day we can plunged into virtual reality of gaming with spinal connection

  3. I winder if this will be possible. They always lie when it comes to show the engine capibalities, but when the games come out its different

  4. Imagine they said the console is being taken down because of how many people fear on how real it is. And they end up saying this will come out in 2025…..
    Real gamers: YOU SON OF A B**

  5. I wish they would just reboot the Xbox 360 and PS3 so we can have a large abundance of high quality games again.

  6. the girl still looks fortnite clay .. real people on movies dont look like fortnite clay on movies dont they !! huh!!!

  7. when the step they still look like they steping on a glass .. it dont have the dimensions of one steping like on real life .. like when u step on sand


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