Funkari | Episode 108 | TV One Drama | 3rd November 2017


Funkari Episode 108 TV One Drama Starring Naheed Shabbir, Madiha Iftikhar, Khalid Malik, Kashif Mahmud, Ashraf Khan, Sabahat Bukhari and Najiba Faiz

Directed By: Asghar Mirza
Written By: Mustapha Hashmi
Executive Producer: TVOne Global

A multi track story with all the masala of romance, humour, action, intrigue and suspense. Bound to keep viewers engaged from beginning to end.Chaudhry Hashmat is a respected cattle farm owner who runs the farm along with his nephew Chand in his native village.A simple, honest young man, Chand is in love with Chandni the sister of their rich landlord Dildar and hopes to marry her. But Dildar wants a better suitor for his sister so he arranges a match between Chandni and Shakir Pehlwan. This track leads to many humorous situations with both Chand and Shakir trying to outdo each other to win Chandni’s hand.The other very interesting and romantic track is that of Faraz and Sana who live in the city and want to marry each other. Being of lower social and financial status than Sana, Faraz decides he will propose when he acquires the same social standing as her father.Faraz’s father Iftikharuddin is a prominent and honest lawyer who was adviser to his wealthy friend Shafqat. Many years after Shafqat’s death Iftikharuddin remembers that Shafqat had bought a plot of land that no one else knew about. His search for Shafqat’s heirs leads him to Chand who is Shafqat’s son and was adopted by Hashmat on the death of his brother.Now begins a new phase for Chand as after inheriting his fortune he and Hashmat move to the city and the 2 simpletons get into a lot of comic situations. But the rivalry between Chand and Shakir, the enmity between Hashmat and Dildar, the romance between Sana and Faraz continues to create dramatic and very hilarious situations making this serial a must watch for all.

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