Experience the Floating Village of Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba island from the sky. Our first interpretation of a drone specific video.

Operating DJI equipment has been one of our specialties years before starting this YouTube channel – after some thought, we’d like to start putting together more drone specific videos for our channel. Let us know what you think in the comments box and make sure to subscribe for many more short drone films and weekly vlogs!

Interested in what gear I use? I got you:

My main camera (pride and joy) –
Favorite lens –
Microphone –
My drone–
GoPro Hero 7 –


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  1. Hello Adam! What an awesome video!
    But the bay you have shot is called LAN HA BAY that is different from Ha Long Bay.
    That is my hometown, so you could believe me. Thanks!

  2. Just wow, i am currently at Cat Ba and this makes me want to have a serious look around 🙂 another good video.

  3. This looks so unbelievably professional. It just opens up and your like Wow! You guys congratulations on going over a 1000 subscribers. I told you your channel is gonna grow very fast. Well deserved and and keep up the great work.

  4. Wooow this place is so amazing, very beautiful shootings, it was a great idea to do it with the fog. The music fits perfectly too !

  5. Great video, I really enjoyed watching this. I never seen floating villages before. Thanks for sharing. I'm here to support. #IAmACreator

  6. Wow… just wow. You make incredible videos. So happy to be supporting you. You're super talented and I bet your channel will grow fast! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. damn, your 480p looks like my 1080. Would you mind sharing your settings? 4k, 24p, d-log, polarpro, 1/50 shutter, what more? do you use a 1080 timeline? noise-reduser?

  8. This is an amazing village. We were offered a cabbage dinner here, by an amazing couple…we opened for some rice wine instead… Great memories…such a beautiful place. When we were there, they did not have kayaks for rent, so we showed pics to a man, he found us two small sail boats, and some plumbing tubes which he made paddles out of wood with, and rented them out to us. So much fun…of course the paddle broke a few hours in… Great shots guys…and have fun exploring.

  9. Amazing atmosphere. Great use of drone footage to show the scale. You should head to Inle Lake in Myanmar to see the floating villages and gardens there (they grow tomatoes on/in the lake). Which DJI drone are you using here?

  10. Nice!!! The fog all around and cinematic views makes this look so peaceful but I hear it’s pretty hectic down there, and a lot of poverty.


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