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Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s paradise. It’s the number 1 toursist destination in this country. When you travel to Vietnam, this has to be on your list. Halong Bay is littered with limestone islands that form a landscape unparalleled in its beauty and uniqueness. You will want to take a boat tour to see all these islets and islands scattered across the ocean. Also, a bonus: I found the absolute best spot in Ha Long Bay to take a photo of an amazing view. The place is called Poem Mountain, and I take you there. Just watch.

Part 35
Alexander Travelbum Travel Vlog
Location: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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  1. Alexander Travelbum says

    👇🏻GET $40 OFF YOUR AIRBNB! 👇🏻

  2. Nguyen Hieu says

    Xin chào

  3. Jade Nguyen says

    I just came across your video as I was weighing between visiting Vietnam or another country but this one solidifies it for me! Absolutely incredible! Love your videos!

  4. tùng trần says

    El Nido is more beautiful

  5. Shop Khởi Nghiệp - Xưởng may Váy Đầm giá sỉ says

    Top 5 Địa Điểm Du Lịch Đáng Đi Nhất Việt Nam >> https://youtu.be/S78MwN5R1KA

  6. Tam Nguyen says

    Why don't vnese clean up on the way up to mountain

  7. Vivu 76 says

    https://youtu.be/DglBSYcldGg Love Vietnam and always to be proud of Vietnam

  8. utsav agrawal says

    arey bhai, camera acha use karle

  9. chris hall says

    Vietnam is awesome ,just don't waste your time or money on a tour guide. Google things to do and you won't be stuck on their lousy schedule and get crammed into every tiny spot with every other tourist there.

  10. solo wanderings says


    My version of halong bay

  11. Franklin Fuentes says

    Awesome video

  12. Sascha Noveski says

    The mountain is completely closed off, no going at all. There really is no chance, if you pay or not… huge disappointment

  13. Phong Phạm says

    Thank you

  14. yêu việt nam Em says

    I love VN

  15. Angie Globetrotter says

    The problem is, that the weather is so bad any time of the year, that you barely ever get these postcard pictures you know from the media. I have stayed on Cat Ba island for 1 week in the rain and this is no fun. North Vietnam has actually more grey sky and rain than the rest of SO-Asia. So you were very lucky to get a good view of the colors

  16. VietNam Hello says

    Song name please 🙏

  17. Zenbeach Traveler says

    I have been to Hanoi so many times. But I regret ignoring Halong Bay. I thought it will be just like Yangshuo or Phuket and Krabi. But it must be different or better. Is it better than El Nido in Palawan, Philippines???

  18. i36 says

    Hi. I ❤️ video of friend. Wellcome to Ha Giang and Hanoi 2020

  19. Miro Hires says

    The poem mountain is closed now…Not neccessary to watch this video

  20. Pasi Palosaari says

    There's a street named Lê Thánh Tôn in every major city in Vietnam. He is considered one of the greatest emperors in Vietnamese history. In Vietnam, you find the same street names in most cities, all named after historical figures.

  21. Pasi Palosaari says

    Fun fact: Ti Tóp island is named after Titov, a Soviet cosmonaut who visited the island in 1962 with Ho Chi Minh himself.

  22. smriti baraily says

    I m planning to go for 6 days trip to Hanoi and Danang ..? I think so it’s enough to explore..?

  23. phong is says

    I live in ha long

  24. saAS AS says

    fucking hate your weird voice man

  25. Ернур Кенжебеков says

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDiijSKonWA – Test yourself

  26. Kinh Thuc Vlog says

    Thank ypu for this video, my country very beautiful ❤

  27. lee kirby says

    You can't no longer able to climb Poet mountain by going that way anymore, years ago, some random guy set fire on that mountain(rumor) that now the government is blocking the entrance. So if u want to climb it, you have to seek for another entrance nearby (just keep asking local people).
    I've been all the places u visited in the video and yes, Bài Thơ(poem) mountain is the best.

  28. OMGreens Express says

    nothing can eclipse the beauty of Palawan islands, it is sheer paradise but ha giang loop in the northern Vietnam mountains does rival the swiss alps in surreal beauty

  29. Chris Travel Diary says

    hey…very cool video and so on, check me out too😉Vietnam – Cambodia

  30. Vietsail Tours says

    http://vietsailtours.com/ – join us in exploring Ha Long Bay, Sapa and other destinations in Vietnam

  31. Marcelo Chávez says

    One out of many… That's trumpian level of detail.

  32. Shanicorn Beauty says

    Awww, looking forward now to welcoming 2020 in Halong Bay. This video just made me more excited for my upcoming adventure in Vietnam!! Thanks much!

  33. Mia says

    Last week, we tried to reach the secret place in the Poem mountain from Alex's video, but it is not possible anymore. They got a new gate which is locked now. We talked to locals and they told us the police banned to anyone enter the mountain because there were load of tourists going there before.

  34. Travel Cam says

    See the magic of Halong Bay


  35. Sudarshani Keerthisingha says

    wow so amazing

  36. Thuận Minh TV says

    Viet nam tôi

  37. Prabh-Ryan Randhawa says

    Can anyone tell me the story of a 🐉 in ancient times that came to save the civilization and that dragon is now those perky islands scattered throughout and around, hence this bay. Go ahead tell me the detailed explicit history, visiting there soon

  38. Richard van Kesteren says

    Very good video. What music do you have at 3:11. I have heard it before but lost the youtube video.

  39. Martin Gloy says

    Anyone done this recently? Been told its closed…

  40. Mộc Thảo says

    Let try once times on President Cruises. My video show you its very Beautiful

  41. Mộc Thảo says

    đẹp quá ILOVE HA LONG BAY

  42. 清风拂面 says


  43. Sebastian Of says

    Hi Alex.
    Can you please tell me… Where is this point of view at the beginning of the video? Because I'm there in January

  44. Travel In Pictures says


    Thanks for sharing. We went to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay and of course we did some sightseeing on the way.

    Vietnam is amazing and we took many pictures…


  45. Nhatduy4 Vlog says


  46. Meet Bhagdev says

    Thanks for the Poem Mountain tip! 🙂

  47. CINE HOME Productions says

    Thanks for your awesome video. Check out this new stunning video of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam in 4K Ultra HD: https://youtu.be/mxNwj35Tv3o

  48. Tú Phan says

    i like the music you added. totally match the footage

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