Hana Kimura, 'Terrace House' Star & Pro Wrestler, Dies At 22


Japanese pro wrestler Hana Kimura has died at just 22 years old. The “Terrace House” star passed away on Friday according to a Twitter statement from Stardom Wrestling’s English-language account. “Please be respectful and allow some time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends,” the tweet read in part. A cause of death was not confirmed as of Saturday but fans and fellow wrestlers noted that Kimura had posted troubling social media posts in her final days including a series of tweets in Japanese that included a phrase reportedly translating to “I don’t want to be human anymore.”

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Hana Kimura, ‘Terrace House’ Star & Pro Wrestler, Dies At 22


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  1. Guys I’m old school I guess , and I can’t relate to this cyber bullying stuff because if your not paying my rent or putting food on my table and unless your not physically attacking me I could give a shit what any of you people think . My initial feeling is that this girls was a week human but again I can’t relate and I’ve never been in her type of situation so What I will say is never say never . I do feel bad for those who loved her and loved having her in their lives , that is what I’m really sad about , but hopefully if there is a after life she is happy now

  2. Noo!! THis can't be truee, I loved her so much she was so sweet I loved watching her on the show, omgg don't tell me this is true. I'm in frekaing tears rn, this can't be.

  3. cyber bullying is just 2020 recreated
    its bad, awful, not good, and never improves
    Maybe one day in 2025 – 2023 they might improve social securities

  4. https://youtu.be/aqiEnkGw1RA Dedicated to Hana Kimura who was one of my favourite contestants on terrace house 2019-2020. Sending lots of love, Hana ❤ Rest in Peace.

  5. People are being too sensitive, she killed her self because she was being bullied online, so she did the the bullies wanted, she is weak.

  6. Just sick. Insecure people get off bullying a beautiful, seemingly nice young woman. Miss the days of no social media, cel phones. The world has gotten shit
    tier, just look at baby huey pres chump.

  7. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    Oh dear Amida Buddha, please bring Hana into your compassionate heart and take her to your Pure Land where she will NEVER know suffering again. I offer the merits of my meditation today for her. Namu Amida Butsu 🌺😌🙏🌺

  8. Hana in your post you said you didnt want to be a human anymore so Rest In Heaven as a beautiful angel♥️♥️

  9. My deepest sympathy go out to her family and friends. Cyber bullying has no place in this world. Your words are like a knife they make deep wounds. Please stop we have lost a beautiful young lady a mother has lost a daughter. When did you become so perfect that you can judge someone else. I'm just hurting right now after Hana left the Terrace House I was looking to hear good thing about her in the wrestling industry. Karma will follow you know good will happen in your life Remember God is the only judge. #beautifulhanaRIPgonetosoon

  10. Very heartbreaking news about her passing. She received constant death and rape threats, also racist comments , about her skin color , her shoulders,just her appearance in general ( she is half japanese half indonesian) from the very toxic Terrace House fans after this one incident on the show. She lost her temper and grab a hat of a cast member and threw it to the side.She did not slap him or anything, unlike many rumours that she did .This is a heavily scripted and edited reality show that portrayed her as the villain.Incident occured in January 2020 but was only recently aired on Netflix Japan 2 months ago.
    In her last post on twitter, she said more than a hundred hate comments to her daily since that episode aired, telling her to kill herself, please die /disappear forever. She then ingested Hydrogen Sulfide and was found by her mom at 4am. She passed away at the hospital. She was 22 years old, may you rest in peace Hana. After her death those who bullied her deleted their accounts, ran away and hid like the cowards they are.Mental Health is a taboo in Japan and therefore she did not received any professional help ,Japan should start taking cyber bullying seriously and penalized those who are responsible. The sad thing is Japan is an ' instant society' , which means quickly they will forget about Hana Kimura and shift their attention to someone else…


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