Hana Kimura's Final Match (Please Watch If You've Never Seen Her Wrestle)


This video is going to be dedicated to people who may have heard of Hana Kimura and never seen a wrestling match especially one involving her promotion WWR Stardom and wrestling fans who have never seen her wrestle.

This is to spread awareness about her love and passion for her craft in pro wrestling as she only ever joined Terrace House to find love and garner people to watching her and her co-workers perform.

I hope you gain a sense of appreciation for her by watching this if nothing else.

Please share this video with any non-wrestling fan whom may have heard of her to get her message out and pay your condolensces in the comments by dropping a “Yes Sir!” one of her catchphrases.

“Everyone is Different. Everyone is Special.”
– Hana Kimura

We’re going to miss you.

And if you are ever for any reason feeling those thoughts she may have been feeling that drove her to this act, then please click this link and call any of the following numbers within your region:

Also show even further support by going to her home promotion Stardom and giving some of their content a watch:

Thank you.

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  1. This is the second time I'm watching one of your videos but yeah she was very special I don't know why but I miss her so much even though I haven't watched much of her stuff like that but I seen a lot of it through Kris wolf YouTube channel when she was showing starter matches and Hana Kimura and I was trying to look for a TCS shirt the 100 Kimura used to wear but they don't have them #RIPHANAKIMURA #TCS .

  2. If Hana won, Mayu would have lived with the thought of Not beating Her.
    If Hana Lost, Her Last match would have been a loss.

    So a tie, that is good enough in my opinion.

    May Hana Kimura find Peace in the afterlife.

  3. Listen to Beauty or Beast by Aiba Aina
    It's the new theme for WWR Stardom
    Hana and AiAi were close friends
    She did her make up on ig live and gave her the name fairy ichigo-chan

  4. I just discovered upon her passing away! I watched every terrace house episode with her in it since then, I was really happy for her when she went and accepted the date from that stand-up comedian she seem really happy

    In England it’s finished shortly after that awaiting new episodes, I am so pissed off as I’ve been to Japan yours times and watched Jyoshi pro wrestling only

    I was actually at wrestle Kingdom this year both days but I only went to the beginning of the first televised match both days which now I’m pissed off because I didn’t see her wrestle live

    I really felt so hurt after watching her terrace episodes and a few wrestling matches, she seem like such a beautiful loving woman who just wanted a man to love her equally, She seem so pure as she stated she’s probably had one date before and she’s been raised with women all her life so she was not some sort of whore

    It’s a shame she’s gone and I wish she will find happiness now, I pray to God that he will bring her back to us so she can forgive us as she would find a man who deserves her I will treat her with a lovely respect she deserved

    God I wish I can just hold and hug and tell her everything is going to be okay and I will protect from any badness type thing

    Is the universe telling me that no man could do that for her and she would not have to walk the road of pain alone But in the end it will be okay for both of us as we will both see it through

    Is The universe honestly tell me that could not have been done ?

    Thank you for this video

  5. Thank you so much for making this. 🙏🏻 I got into Stardom only about four months ago, and absolutely fell in love with the promotion. It was heartbreaking finding out about Hana last week. #RestInPowerHana

  6. I have been a wrestling fan for 50 years. I just discovered Hana a couple of years ago when she appeared in ROH/WOH and began to follow her. She was such a combination of in ring ability, beauty and charisma and is was obvious she was a star in the making to someday surpass Asuka, Kari Sane, Io Shirai and Shida on the world wide stage.Every time I would see her over the last 2 years I could see that star shinning brighter. I have mourned the passing of many of my childhood favorites in 50 yrs but never has a death in the sport I love so much hurt me to the core so much. She was the future. A bright shinning future that we were robbed of getting to see, but more importantly she was robbed of the future she had in and out of the ring. A beautiful young woman will never get to live the life she should have. That is the true shame. We can't know what you were feeling as the end but know this Hana. You were appreciated and you were loved and unlike any other wrestler I have loved watching before I cried over your loss. R.I.P. Hana.

  7. Hana may not have been the best technical wrestler in the ring. But she had deceptive power and her submissions looked very painful. She used to use a modified octopus as her finishing submission. She further modified it to it's final form which added another stretch. both moves were named for flowers which makes sense given she was referred to as the dangerous flower or beautiful flower.

  8. the thing that makes me mad the most is that most of the people saying they're sad about her death are the same people who bullied her before her passing

  9. Hey, bro, thanks for uploading this. I still miss Hana everyday and can't stop thinking about what happened. I still have moments to cry due to her passing.

    I hope NJPW or Stardom can upload the dark match at Wrestle Kingdom 14 of Hana/Giulia vs. Mayu/Arisa.

    It would be grateful to do that.

  10. I started watching Stardom about a year ago, because I heard so many good things about that Wrestling league, because Io and Kairi were from Stardom. And Hana was the one who stood out for me the most. So I watched a few matches of her and I was really impressed. I think the last match that I saw was this match, that you reacted to! And the match before that was the Hana Kimura vs Hazuki vs Riho Match, which was really good, too. It sucks to know, that she is not around anymore. You are lucky, that you got to meet her and I think, that will make you remember her even more then us, who "only" got the pleasure to see her wrestle on the internet or on a show once. Please take care and stay healthy!

  11. #TCSforever "Yes, sir!!"

    Also, I 100% feel the same way about Hana. She was so unique from all other wrestlers. She was so charismatic and had a personality that made it impossible to not like her. It's still difficult for me to come to grips with the fact that she's gone, because she was the one who drew me to Stardom and Joshi in general. R.I.P. Hana, you will forever be missed. "Everybody's different. Everybody's special."❤

  12. She had the looks, the charisma, the talent, like Mick Foley said, she had a whole life ahead of her. She was just getting started. As I saw one fan liken her, she was on the way to becoming something akin to the next Alexa Bliss. Tyler, correct me if I'm wrong, but she did a bit of a tour of North America as she was getting known right? I think she adopted some of the luchador kinda stuff after spending some time in Mexico before returning to Japan. And all along the way, I remember some speculation of which US promotion may eventually try and sign her? I think she had a tryout with WWE while here? I'd become a big fan of hers over the past several months is why i ask because I'm not an authority on her and her career. So it would be cool to have someone fill in the details and why she was such a big international name suddenly and that she was on the cusp of something really big.

  13. I think it could very well be a cover up, somebody killed her or she killed herself for reasons her familly or the authorities don't want you knowing.

  14. I don't want to spoil too much but Stardom recorded some matches during Golden Week earlier this month and one of them is Hana in a Tag Match against QQ. We will also see the 4th Member of Donda Del Mundo in these recordings.

    Stardom was supposed to be announced the matches this past Monday but the tragedy over the weekend changed plans. We don't know when they will post those to their YouTube channel but that Tag Match was Hana's last match.

    Love the channel, keep the content coming bro.

  15. Everybody's Different!
    Everybody's Special!


    YES SIR!!!
    I love and miss u Hana R.I.P

  16. Bro, you are lucky to have met Hana. It would have been an absolute honor to meet her. Im still hurting that she is gone,but never forgotten. RIP HANA KIMURA

  17. So Weekly Pro Wrestling seemed to have revealed that Hana had one last taped match with Yama-san against two other QQ members. The show is scheduled for this Friday but we'll have to wait and see if they air the match.

  18. Hey, Came to see your videos from Alyx streaming.
    Ive been watching this match over and over ever since her passing, so you did good trying to expose people to her last match, a very nice way to tribute her.
    Ill never stop saying it, Rip Hana Kimura.

  19. The reality of knowing we will never see her in the ring or get to meet her in person ever again, is truly a feeling of complete sorrow. Knowing that she will never get to share another moment with her family and friends is just gut wrenching. A mother to never receive another phone call from her daughter or to hear her voice in person ever again. All that are left are photos, videos and memories now. All the could've, should've and would've of her career and life that we will all now unfortunately never get to witness and she shall never get to rightfully cherish. A young life filled with so much potential, now gone forever. Never to be seen again. 1 of 1. Let all of that sink in deeply. It truly does break your spirit in a sense. Hana will be forever young. Hana, you shall live forever!

    I truly hope Hana is in God arms and at complete peace now. This world is cold blooded and filled with temptations and cruel intentions. And, within all of that there was an amazing light that shined bright. Hana, you were that shining bright light. Now, no one can ever take your sunshine away. God bless you, Hana.

  20. Thanks for this and the previous vids. I am so glad for you that were able to see her in January, and that you had a nice experience and memento for your meet with Hana. Be well, and best wishes for the future.

  21. she was so charismatic. she's probably the only wrestler in stardom that doesn't lose credibility when she dont win matches, she's already a star.

  22. 🥺🌺Man……this is so heartbreaking glad to have seen her last match . I hope it spirit is happy now and free 🙏🏾RIPHANNAKIMURA

  23. So sad man. I believed nothing bad would happen and in future when I'm wrestler when i go to japan maybe i meet other wrestlers. Hana 1 those people i believed i would meet especially after your japan video. No.1 thing i like about wrestling is character interactions. I hope to meet all wrestlers sad i won't be able to see her in person. Good upload.


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