Hilarious Japanese Door Prank (Skit By Ken Shimura)


I randomly found this funny skit video on a Facebook page and I took it from the page owner and uploaded it on YouTube! Enjoy folks! 😉

I don’t own this video!


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  1. Rami says

    Thank you all so much for watching! I can't believe this video reached 1 million views, it feels amazing 🤩 Thanks again you people 😁

  2. 幻の初代横綱 所河駑栖鯉 says

    R.I.P Ken Shimura.

  3. Learn Japanese with Japanese audio and Japanese subtitles says


  4. Yeasir Rajan says

    RIP Shimura san.. we will never forget you.
    And we love from the core of our heart.
    ❤️❤️❤️. You will always stay in our hearts.


  5. Rony Howlader says


  6. Yumiko says


  7. Gabkicks says


  8. Ikmal Gonna teach u how to be good with music says

    RIP legend

  9. youtube rajanno says

    Bangladeshi peoples like shimura comedy.. bangla dubbing

  10. Neru Neru says

    Still one of my fav skit. Rest in peace Shimura-san.

  11. Ms Nusrat Fariya says

    তোমার মৃত্যুতে বাঙ্গালি মর্মাহত

  12. Firdaus Tajul says

    Rip Uncle Ken😢

  13. Ivan Chan says

    Ken Shimura aka Japanese Robin Williams. 1950-2020 (70yo). Rip.

  14. Trường Thanh says

    give a fuck to China 🇨🇳

  15. hakimeenD danish says

    Who came here after he died?

  16. Abu Sufiyan says

    miss. you boss😭😭. im. bangali. 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  17. Zumokik says


  18. White Butterfly says

    I'm felling so sad. We miss you.

  19. Chinese Cooking vlog Premium says


  20. Ren Shirasawa says

    RIP legend man

  21. olio hyouka says

    Rip ken

  22. Mayu Wulf says

    Rip ken san!

  23. Muhammad Safwan says

    Rip ken shimura

  24. Dino Sagara says

    rest in peace… my legend

  25. Cyber Stryker says

    Rip to a legend 😞😞😞

  26. Ramesh Nomad says

    Rest in peace Ken shimura

  27. Knowledge seeker says

    kaissa urfe kein semura

  28. L0NE R4NGER says

    Rip ken shimura 😢

  29. Kazi Himel says

    Bangladesh her videos best. He is best actor. Fanny dabbing

  30. Syazmi Salleh says


  31. Rabin Lama says

    R.I.P love from Nepal 🙏!!

  32. Èmòñ jř says


  33. ZEii Mean says


  34. ZEii Mean says


  35. Moon girl says

    Rest in peace!

  36. Ariesha Deana says


  37. Manukarp says

    DEP, un grande.

  38. jonginologist says


  39. TheLostBoy1974 says

    I love how the Japanese for ‘what are you doing?’ was translated to ‘useless milenials’ LOL! Rest well, Ken-chan.

  40. *Aziz AliYaman says

    rip f legendary

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