How Anne Hathaway Became The Most Hated Celeb In Hollywood


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First, she won our hearts as Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia. Then, she captivated us once again as Ella in Ella Enchanted. Anne Hathaway had a good decade there as the darling of Hollywood…until “Hatha-hate” hit our world around 2012. What went wrong? Let’s explore…

Blame it on the theater kid | 0:24
The 2011 Oscars | 1:02
She woke up like that | 1:46
She refuses to fall down | 2:23

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  1. Niki Swift…. Were you in desperate need of content? Who wastes their time producing such nonsense…. she's flat out talented! The End

  2. I can see why people hate her it’s just easy to hate her I don’t know why people think that I love her she is on of my favorite actresses and I really look up to her

  3. Ok I love Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway both, and the stairs have nothing to do with it. Honestly some people…

  4. so they dont hate her they are just unhappy with themselves?… lol i always thought she said something stupid or did something to deserve a tangible reason to dislike her

  5. I will never understand the hate this woman gets. She seems like such a sweetheart. I swear to God people will find any reason to hate on someone.

  6. Wait…. What?
    Okay sorry but if you were in front of 5+ cameras, which would show footage that would be shared to the world, would you fall? It's can't be just me who wouldn't want to fall while accepting an OSCAR

  7. This video is so stupid. So people hate her face, hate her cause she's talented and hate her cause she refused to fall down? So r u trying to say that in order to be liked, you need to be untalented, undergo plastic surgery every now and then to have a face that stays with what people perceive as good, and fall down when receiving awards (which may be difficult to get since you're not talented at all)? What??

  8. So people hate her in the way she really is? Seriously? Or maybe those who hate her saw their reflection in Anne seeing the fact that she is more successful than any of her “Hatha-Haters”:)

  9. So people hate her in the way she really is? Seriously? Or maybe those who hate her saw their reflection in Anne seeing the fact that she is more successful than any of her “Hatha-Haters”:)

  10. Sooo people hate her coz she looks or acts as a regular person? Who has lived her life? Im sorry but this video only served to make me even less of a hater because the worst you had, was really nothing compared to other celebs…

  11. All these reasons that were pointed out why Anne is "disliked" sound like theyre coming from a place of jealousy and envy. ?

  12. “She refuses to fall down” she should’ve fell down like Jennifer how dare she not !! Uhh how do you people love some like that

  13. woman! is the first time I see more thumbs down on a video, and I am glad more people likes Anne, she is a great actress!

  14. The number of dislikes in this video alone is indicative of people's opinions on this subject. If anyone hates her its clearly you

  15. I honestly clicked on this video because the title made no sense to me – like, did I miss some huge scandal where she revealed she kicked puppies or something??? No she’s just a hard working perfectionist ? figures! This just makes me appreciate her more.

  16. So…….. reality declining people are jealous, hate or whatever they think about Anne Hathaway because she is perfect but not like imperfect Jennifer Lawrence…… Wow Wow….

    I did it…..
    I commented as decent humanly as possible


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