How Australian Real Estate market will be impacted by COVID-19 | Louis Christopher


My guest is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected property analysts, Louis Christopher. He is one of the most conservative and accurate analysts that I know. So accurate in fact, that he precited that Coronavirus may affect Australia in Feb 2020, before it got the attention of mainstream media. We talk about the much-anticipated topic: How the Australian real estate market will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the short term and long term impacts?
11:44 – Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market right now?
12:34 – What type of clearance rates are we seeing with digital auctions?
18:40 – The two possible scenarios following COVID-19. Should we be hopeful? Or could we be entering into a depression?
19:50 – When we can expect lockdown restrictions to be lifted?
23:13 – Has Australia done a good job responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?
25:05 – What’s the difference between a recession and a depression? Where does this fit in?
30:36 – What is the situation with rentals right now?
36:19 – What type of agents will survive this period of uncertainty? Will there be casualties?
39:44 – What changes can we expect in the global supply network?
44:35 – What are the opportunities, and why we should be optimistic.
47:30 – What is the outlook post-Coronavirus?

Louis Christopher is the founder of SQM Research:

Real Estate Gym:

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  1. Good on you guys for this podcast. A balanced assessment by LC is refreshing. I did say early on that as soon as the property market shows decent declines, the economy and the borders will be opened. Im hoping those who cannot get a decent job nor an affordable roof over their head will speak out constantly until something changes.

  2. Hey guys, been watching so many things on YouTube lately, but it was refreshing to to hear a bit of reality (good and bad). You both oppitimize (spelling) Australians tenacity in the face of adversity.

  3. Hey guys QLD government is going to send landlords bankrupt. Premier Palaszscuk is trying to pass a new law, which will mean landlords cannot get back rent and lose all rights. Please help us stop it. More information here

  4. In the olden days the robber used to cause a diversion walks in to the bank with a gun and……steals your money.
    These days the robber causes., a diversion walks into the bank with a laptop and…..steals your money!@!?????

  5. How will corona virus end? 1) Heard catchment – where the virus reaches a high percentage of the population 2) vaccination is available. See
    Expect 18 months of disruption in some form.


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