How To Contour In 3 Easy Steps.


Hi Everyone

Contouring is make-up’s latest crush.

It took five Kardashians to take it mainstream but now the sculpting weapon once reserved for make-up artists is a part of many women’s daily routine.

Not this woman. This woman has been watching from the sidelines.

This woman has been a little apprehensive.

Not so, any more. Now, I’m now contouring like a Boss.

Once you break it down, contouring is actually pretty simple.

It’s the precise application of light and dark make-up to give shape and definition to your facial structure.

Dark in the areas that you want to minimise and light in the areas that you want to emphasise.

In this how-to video tutorial, I’ll show you a two step, easy, more natural contour look you can use everyday.



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