How to Create a Facebook Shop Page 2020 – Step by Step Guide


In this Facebook shop tutorial I will teach you how to create a Facebook shop page in 2020 and how to add products to your Facebook shop page. 🔔Subscribe:

► How To Integrate Facebook Shop Payments:
► How To Promote Your Facebook Shop Products:

🕒How to Create a Facebook Shop Page 2020 Time Stamps:
►0:51 How To Add A Facebook Shop Tab On Your Facebook Page
►1:14 Facebook Page Settings
►1:33 Facebook Templates & Tabs
►2:55 How To Add Products To Your Facebook Shop
►3:30 Create Mockups For Your Facebook Shop Products
►9:13 Add A 3rd Party Checkout Page For Your Payments

With a Facebook Page shop, you can show and sell products to people right on Facebook. Customers may be able to purchase your products directly from your Facebook Page shop with checkout.

To create a Facebook Page shop:

On a computer, click the Shop tab on your Facebook Page. If you don’t see this tab, you can change your Page template to the Shopping template.
Click Go to Commerce Manager. You’ll be redirected to a Sell on Facebook page in Commerce Manager. This is our commerce order management tool.

In Commerce Manager, you’ll complete a few steps to get set up. You’ll be prompted to link business accounts, set shipping and return preferences and set up your payouts.

After you get set up with your Facebook Page shop, you can use Commerce Manager to manage sales across Facebook and Instagram. Products from your Facebook Page shop may appear in Marketplace if they’re eligible.

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Requirements to have a shop

Your Facebook Page shop must:

Sell physical items
Agree with our Merchant Terms
Link to a valid US bank account
Have a Tax Identification Number (TIN)
Benefits of a shop
Shops have different features depending on your location. They can be valuable to you because you can:

Distribute your products broadly: When you have a Facebook Page shop, your products may appear in Marketplace for more people to discover them (currently a limited feature). You can also use a Facebook Page shop to host products for shopping on Instagram.

Add and customize inventory: There’s no limit on how many products you can add. Organize your products into different collections so your customers can browse your shop by category.

Communicate with customers and get insights: Your customers can message the shop on your Page with questions. You can see views, clicks and purchases for each of your products.


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  1. Marian V Esanu says

    ► How To Integrate Facebook Shop Payments:
    ► How To Promote Your Facebook Shop Products:

  2. DJ RICKSPIN says

    Do you know if your catalog items show up in marketplace searches? i tried a couple items (shirts) but i can't find them when i search marketplace

  3. Golden Word's Channel says

    Dear Sir, I made my Facebook shop page but my page did not show color, size, weight tab what can I do to enable this option please guide me waiting for your answer Regards Thank you.

  4. Doddsygaming Hd says

    Hi. There is no add product option on my shop. So I have to do it through catalogue manager but it doesn’t let me add more then one image for each products. How can I help this ??

  5. Eduardo Cornejo says

    Exactly the type of video I needed to get a better understanding.

    Thank you so much! 🙏🏽

  6. Tik Toxic says

    How do you change your name to your shop name because it says no unauthentic names

  7. The Traveling Chzhed says

    This was helpful! I didn’t even realize this was a thing! Thank you!

  8. JLoderano says

    Follow the instructions, thats my problem no add shop. I watch lots of video on youtube and this one is crystal clear and fix my problem. Subscribed.

  9. JLoderano says

    Thank you so much so helpful

  10. Ann Granada says

    I can't add shop tab on my pages 🙁 I don't know why. No "shop" in the selection 🙄 Do you know how to do it?

  11. Jeff Scolnick says

    I setup the shop and added products, but how do I promote them? Just in a post? Can I run FB ads to sell products off my FB page?

  12. Black Magik says

    i have website with my products, should i just use link to my website? or is it beneficial for having fb shop? do fb promote your business more if you have fb shop? are people more likely to buy products on fb store?

  13. Shmoolik Officiel says

    Is this the Shop Facebook just announced? It doesn't seems.

  14. coway sales says

    means at this moment, the facebook shop catalog unable to link to Instagram Shop?

  15. KK LEE says

    Payment is not released yet, such a pity

  16. shoma singh says

    So what your saying is we still need a website like Shopify before taking your business to Facebook?

  17. Samuel Felicio says

    Hi, can you make a video showing how to create the shop section or tab for who are not US Citizens?

  18. Matthew says

    Do these products appear inside the mobile app?

  19. Matthew says

    This is a great tutorial.

    Just a heads up that Facebook will charge 5%, but there is no monthly fee. If you use Shopify to set up the store, Shopify will ALSO CHARGE 2% of items sold. Facebook says there will be no 5% fee until the end of June 30th.
    You can just set up your store directly with Facebook and skip the Shopify 2% fee. The little bit of extra work to skip the fee seems worth it.
    Can people reply to me if this is helpful and tell me what % of their sales come from FB & Insta? Thank you!

  20. Vince Chua says

    How to add facebook checkout and not external checkout?

  21. Aung Zin Myo says

    Hello, i am just beginer. Is it work on phone or not?

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    Nice! I’ll have to do this to my page.

  23. Randall Blizzard says

    Very informative. Great value here man, keep it up. Here from VRA!

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