How to Enable Instagram Product Tagging Shop: Facebook Business Manager, Creating Product Catalogs


In this video, I will share the backstage of Instagram Product Tagging and getting Shoppable Posts and Feed for your Instagram Business Profile, meaning I will explain How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account or New Business, Where to Find Business Settings, How to Create a Products Catalog and Add Products & the entire process Step by Step to Getting this Feature for your Account!

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  1. Hello, thank you so much for the video: I dont have the catalog manager tab to select! what can i do?! Thank u!

  2. Great video! As a beginner to all this I searched so many videos about Instagram shop and FB business manager and I came across this video. Your video helped me alot. Thanks. Just wondering can you add more than one website domain (ecommerce store) linked up to instagram shopping and if so does that mean I have to create another product catalag with my other ecommerce store? Is tnat possible or does Instagram shopping only recoginse one website domain (ecommerce store)? Hopefully, I'm making sense.

  3. Awesome work! Anyway, could I ask something? I was just wondering whether do you know how to rearrange the products in the collection?

  4. Hello… India is in Managed Clients list, So is product tagging feature is available in India??
    All countries in Managed Clients list can not have product tagging feature??

  5. Hey! Amazing video, thanks so much! I have a question though: I set up everything in my catalogue but it says I wasn't approved because 'to use Instagram shopping, your products must be sold on the website connected to your account'. But all the links I've put in each listing in my catalogue IS from the same website. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

  6. Hello , i have been struggling with creating my business account , whenever i try create it and fill out all the boxes and submit, its keep saying "Add business details for the local office you're operating your business from" or an error occurred, please help me

  7. Hi, every time I try and request to be reviewed I get taken to the commerce manager page. I’ve redone everything a few times now and I can’t figure out how to get around this. Thanks so much

  8. Hello Lidia , I had a message that says " Not submitted for instagram shopping" , but its connected
    what does that mean?

  9. Hi Lidia… I operate my business in United Arab Emirates. As I can see, in this country Instagram Shop in available for Managed Clients only. How to become a Managed Client? Please help me. I am struggling since a long time. Please help me.

  10. Hi Lidia! Thanks for the detailed video 🙂 I'm stuck in the 'set up Instagram shopping' step in Instagram… I'm able to confirm my product catalog, but the next step says I need to select a website domain. However, it says that the domain is already verified by another business. I use Etsy as my platform. What can I do? Thanks!!!

  11. hi, thanks for the video. I've set up my facebook page/instagram account/catalogue and they're all owned by the same business manager when I look through on my business settings. I've been approved for instagram shopping, but when I click through to it, I'm unable to see my catalogue. I've unconnected, reconnected the accounts, uninstalled and reinstalled instagram, and still no luck. can you help please?

  12. Hi Linda! Thanks for the video!! However I'm still not able to link to my Instagram Business Profile… It says: "To use Instagram Shopping, connect a Facebook ecommerce catalog to Business Manager. Then make sure that your Instagram account is also connected to Business Manager." Could you help me please!! Thank you very much 🙁

  13. hello, i got approved for the shopping tags, but i don't have any product tags or shopping button in the settings. can someone help me to fix it?

  14. Hi Lidia! I would appreciate it if you helped me with an issue. I run a business and have a Facebook Business Manager catalogue with 173 products. On Facebook I can put product tags on photos, but when I try to do the same on Instagram, it shows me the same catalog (same number) with only 121 of the products. Also, they have not been updated by photo changes I have done. Thank you in advance!

  15. Thank you so much for your help. Can you tell me if it is correct that you can´t promote if there is a product tag on?

  16. Hi Lidia! Thanks for the video. Could you help me please to answer my issue?
    So, i'm already connect the instagram business and facebook business manager.
    And, i'm already connect the facebook pages and facebook business manager.
    I've turn on the "shop" option too in facebook pages.
    I'm already add products in both facebook pages and catalog facebook manager.
    But, i can't connect instagram shopping in facebook business manager because "not eligible for instagram shopping". Why it can be? And how i can connect profile to instagram shopping? This is the only problem I'm having aside from waiting to get my Instagram shop approved.. Thank you for your attention.


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