How to fix 100% Disk Usage on Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista


In Windows 10 Disable SfTracingState too so find that in the registry and just set that ‘0’ too

Still Having Problems?

“Did you…
A: Restart your computer.
B: Not disable the automatic restarter or set it the value to 1 instead of 0,
C: In Windows.msc: Stop superfetch and windows search from running

To fix A: repeat the process as shown in the video IF STILL ACTIVE
To fix B: go back through your registry editor and set everything to 0 instead of 1, 2, or 3
To fix C: go to windows.msc, right click both Superfetch and Windows search, and click the option labeled “Stop”

Hope this helps you” – Nick Chaudoir (DeMexica)

Some simple process need to be done and this isn’t so difficult as it may look. You simple need to open up run by pressing the ‘Windows Key+R’ after that the run box will pop up allowing you to type in ‘services.msc’ and ‘regedit.exe’

“instead of using regedit go to the services.msc and go to superfetch, windows search etc go to properties then recovery tab and set all failures (first, second and third failure) to take no action. disable the services and it wont come back on if you set the startup type to disabled no need to do the risky registry stuff”‘

“Turn Windows 10 Notification off”

“you can also open cmd as an admin and then type net.exe stop superfetch”

“I had this issue and it seems some others encountered the bug. What fixed it for me is going to settings, system, notifications, and turning off “show me tips about Windows.” I believe that was the one causing problems, though I turned all of them off besides the app notifications. System processes went back down after a restart and hasn’t spiked since.”

Thank you for watching and I hoped I helped you out a lot!

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  1. Even though i'm a straight male, Marry ME! Such a life saver. Comps been freezing for weeks now and now it's like brand new, i thought i was going to have to replace it.

  2. It's 2020 may 15 and this version of windows 10 has no option of "Enablesuperfetch" option in registry. Superfetch is called SysMain now in services, but disabling it didn't helped me and i can't set value to 1 or 0 of superfetch in registry. Can PLEASE some1 help me!!??

  3. This tutorial solve this ??
    Thing I noticed by keeping Performance Monitor up is that during the freezes, CPU utilization drops to around 1%. The Performance Monitor graphs keep updating during the freezes–so I know the computer is doing SOMETHING–but CPU utilization is next to nothing. Then after 15-30 seconds, CPU utilization will go back up to normal levels and things will work again. At least for a few minutes until the next freeze.

  4. Looks like super fetch got renamed.

    ""Superfetch" has been renamed to "SysMain" in services.msc" -erpster4

  5. They changed SUPERFETCH name to SysMain… disable that shit worked! Sketchy as hell they removed Superfetch and changed name..

  6. Thank you so much. Do I need to do this every time i start my computer. I did disabled them before but dont know how they got enabled.


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