How to Play Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game


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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Tram Nguyen says

    Where is the twice chosen one`s?

  2. TheCreeper Man says


  3. Angelo jay ebol Galgo says


  4. Rey Holgado says

    I think D is correct!

  5. John Jill Villamor says

    Lets a make a commeriacl with it ITS SUPÈR VERY GREAT

  6. Toby Jann Mortega says

    I dont get it i have this but i still don’t get it

  7. Yoyo Spark says

    My favorite Characther is : Green
    1# Green
    2# Yellow
    3# Blue
    4# Red
    5# Orange
    6# The Dark Lord
    7# The Chosen One
    8# Purple

  8. NoFace Studios says

    free shipping to Singapore? I Want buy

  9. elements city says

    Can you make a video that you are playing this game and the animation is doing your turns

  10. Lavaman645 Robloxian says

    Question: If someone runs out of Acrylic tokens and someone attacks them, what happens?

  11. GirlGamer 096 says

    – | –
    My own stick man 😀

  12. saravana saravana says

    You could have made it a android game

  13. 33E says

    That's hard to make man

  14. Лацы Михай says


  15. Life says

    Alan: Smart and knows how to play
    Me: 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 repeat that again

  16. DYNAMIC JIMMY says

    Please please make a game on android

  17. Stefan Mentor says

    Do vs do u know the wae

  18. The Ultimate Gamer Tr says

    This game is really confusing.

  19. Layla Adnan says

    Join dojo community 😄

  20. João Neto says

    Bem legal

  21. The Pizza guy says

    Who is watching at 2020

  22. Firdaus Zaki says

    Bahasa inggris

  23. Natalie Natalie says

    Dr. PAIXX, you are completely right

  24. Cyd Nelle A. Coral says

    Where are you selling it

  25. Tim Woods says

    It might just be me, but that looked like a hot mess of confusion. Hopefully the final product was much clearer with smoother gameplay.

  26. Vidacus Fayhaneae says

    You should make a mobile game version of this game.just an idea

  27. Jad Jawhary says

    Can you add manual

  28. VorX GamingHO says

    Is there Orange Stick figures?

  29. Zarif Fayyadh says

    Blue & green meet purple right? Why purple is not there?

  30. MichaelQuintana YT says

    Can you put a manual for playing the game? That would be awesome!

  31. gold new foxy 999 says

    Mas pode pinta

  32. Başak Sadıklı says


  33. ii CookiePlayz says

    How can u but it?

  34. Juan Carlos Licapa says

    Donde lo compró para jugar

  35. Darent Pasanea says

    I want that card game☺☺

  36. Pedrogamesaju says

    dude why didn't you put the virabot?

  37. xxhunterxx 11 says

    That looks interesting butt complicated but i kinda get it

  38. Ichiro Cruz says

    Can i buy it?!

  39. Spictacular-SG says

    Hi in Turkey

  40. Joe is The Cat says

    I was watching this while I was eating an in and out burger that was 6 minutes old

  41. Fs Chan says

    U play alone

  42. gagan anand says


  43. Ian Figueroa says

    You should make a game

  44. Ian Figueroa says

    Now i get it😏

  45. gaming of life says

    Nooo wayyy youuu haveeee toysssss plzzzz teachh meeee how to makeee aaa justtt likeee youuuuuuu okkkk plzzzzzzž

  46. Saraswathi Balaraman says

    Should make a game in android

  47. nigel mok says

    Where to buy?

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