How to Play Bloxburg for FREE Using this ONE TRICK!! – Roblox Tips and Tricks


This video shows you how to unlock Bloxburg for free to play using just one trick that anybody can do.


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Rexex is a family friendly kids channel that features fun ROBLOX videos which is a game which features colorful toys as your character who plays in a colorful world. In future we may also include childish animations for children like Roblox music videos


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  1. Wavy Mini says

    make sure to hit that like button and hit the subscribe button you will get insane luck i promise just do it for my fav youtuber

  2. UMAR FAROOQ says


  3. Heavnly Mars says

    Roses are red, violets are blue, how else is scrollin to see if it’s true?

  4. DJSAL says

    Make a bigger house then that one pls don’t delet my account I work hard to be the train

  5. Katy Tilbury says

    Your birthday is a day after mine!

  6. Munirah A Alfarhan says

    Work but you need to clam it

  7. Manuelito Perez says


  8. ronald boyer says

    me: it is just another scam website

    2 minutes later


  9. My family says

    But I couldn’t earn points

  10. Oceanix says

    OMG IT WORKED! im not a bot :3

  11. N. M. says

    ITS A SCAM NO TRUST!!!!!!!!

  12. N. M. says

    THANK YOU FOR THE 0 ROBUX YASSS WOW waisted my time on that stupid app

  13. Ayesha Akram says

    Bloxburg is 25 robux

  14. pewyoutuber says


  15. Boomerang3002 Person says

    what is the link

  16. xXsunShineXx says

    Can you stop saying or I'll delete your roblox acc?

  17. galaxyevie 2020 says

    Thank sooo much

  18. christopher bond says


  19. Muhammadplayzroblox2 says

    This is a lie I don't even get 25 points

  20. jabrel osman says

    where the link

  21. Shadow Gacha says

    How long does it take to get the points ?

  22. cookie mia says

    the time btw 1:35

  23. Melissa Keeney says


  24. Nicole Blackburn says


  25. Nicole Blackburn says

    You seriously 😳

  26. moonlight hello says

    10000 o/o10000

  27. Muhammadplayzroblox2 says

    MY ALSO BIRTHAY MAY COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bahar Siddique says

    Ok mate stop making me scared😂😂

  29. Gabija Vinciauskaite says

    Wat is your star roblox code

  30. Zannah Knight says

    You're lying you've died a million times liar

  31. don't look at my discription says

    Why am i watching this if i already have bloxburg

  32. Lucas & Jennie Johnson says

    My mom said that I can't get a account^_^

  33. Nauman Danish Mohammed says


  34. Ericson Mendoza says

    I hope it works on my other phone

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