How to set up a facebook Shop? Outside of the US – Not using the Facebook Commerce Manager


In this tutorial, I show you how to set up a facebook shop to sell products.

There are two ways to list your product, the first is to sell via message, and the second more effective way is to link your external e-commerce listings to the product listing inside facebook.
In this step by step tutorial, I’ll go through the options with you taking you from the set up to the listing of the product.

Please note: For those based in Northern America, Facebook recently rolled out a new way of doing this via the Facebook Commerce Manager. This requires that you provide your US business tax information. This tutorial does not cover this new way of setting up a shop in Facebook as it is not available here in Australia at this stage.

If you want to learn how to connect your instagram account to your facebook store, check out this video:

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  1. Hi, I have a question. When I click on the shopping tab, Facebook forced me to go to Commerce Manager to be able to set up my store, but I don’t want that, I want to set up my store exactly like you. So how to fix this? Please reply, thank you so much!

  2. Hi, Can you please help me on this. I am getting message "These Features Are Currently Unavailable In Your Region", how can I fix it. Please help, Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi can you make a video How to set up a facebook shop, but for Non-USA based facebook Page Owners? It would help a lot, because facebook is not just for US Users and i´m sure that many Worldwide Facebook users without being Americans would have interest in have a Shop in their pages too…

  4. Great content! One question, what if I want to use the Commerce Manager for a US page but I'm currently in South America. Should I use a VPN?

  5. Hi. A new problem has presented – the word shop just doesn’t appear. I’ve followed your tutorial and set to business, templates and tabs, add a tab – but no shop. Very stumped

  6. in your video at 4.09 how do you get back to this after my shop has been up and running ? when I set it up first time I selected check out on website but need to change it to message to buy instead any ideas if this is possible ?

  7. Thank you so much, this was very helpful. I do have a question … I clicked 'message me' not using a website as I dont have a website. What should my url comes up as please ?
    I have found that when using a computer people can access my shop, when using a mobile they are not able to access my shop?

  8. Hello Sir, I am update my facebook with new update version. But it show that my Shop page is open. Please share your email id then I can share my problem image to you.

  9. Thanks for those information, but how exactly do we set up the items as in stock without changing the currency that we choose at the very begging when we add the items, i have added items with a currency that i want then when it become visible it was out of stock, i tried to edit it , then the currency changed and i couldn't choose the currency that i want, so in that case do i have to delete the shop and do all the work all over again?

  10. can i set up a check out,i have products that i wish to sell myself but also have products that link to amazon,im in austrailia

  11. Thank you for this awesome Aus video. Nice to know what you teach applies to us who live here. One issue I've had though is the processing time for my product approval. It says it should only take minutes but it's been almost 12 hours and 2 of my 6 listings are still pending. 🙁 I'm keen to get this thing happening. Cheers

  12. Thank you for this video. But how if we want to add product's variation such us size with variation of price as well. Hugs from Indonesia and kindly need your help <3

  13. Hi is there another way to add ( shop tap ) ? Couldn’t find it now I’ve done the steps but when I switch to shopping templates or even without switching it doesn’t show the shop tap !!! Please help

  14. please please help me please I have tried so many time but i can not get the shop tab to come up as an option to select. it doesn't appear at all in the additional tabs when I'm in the shopping template.

  15. Can someone help me please, I have tried so many time but i can not get the shop tab to come up as an option to select. it doesn't appear at all in the additional tabs when I'm in the shopping template. If I deleted the whole page and start all over again might that work? 🙁 I also get and error that says "There was an issue processing your request. Please try again." when I try and edit the SHOP NOW button on the home page. any ideas?

  16. i liked the video and subscribed just because of two things ! First you helped me, and second thing it's because the video is uploaded the 11th september and it's my date of birth but in 1997 lol


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