How to solve problem of pokemon go game || failed to detect location (12) || problem fixed


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#How to add Joystick in Pokemon Go Series.

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@Part4 – link is provided in part 3 in description

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  1. cHiRaYu GaMiNg says

    Plz subscribe my channel

  2. CanyonsWunder says

    If someone need something simply try
    Its cool for everyone in 2020!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  3. AcldTr0n says

    Is there a way to have it on??

  4. Not me says

    Not working on my Samsung A50

  5. اهل القران says


  6. Youtube Ditto says

    Mera phone realme c3 hai ,Nhi chl raha bhai kittna try kiya , vohe likh ke aara failed location (12) ,kuch help hosakhta bro toa baata … (waiting for your reply )


    Waste of time. No one has mock locations on to begin with, if they aren't spoofing their location. So, it makes this video pointless. DISLIKED

  8. Manish Nikvade says

    Redmi note 7s in not build number word please help me

  9. HASWANTH SAI Dadi says

    Bro keep your free fire I'd I am in platinum 4 now

  10. DD C says

    Is it related with joystick or like without joystick error?
    If this problem is with joystick then which joystick should I use?

  11. Hotdog Noob says

    At what version of android can we use this?

  12. rahul rider says

    Bro thnx

  13. nikhar modi says

    It nothing working

  14. nikhar modi says

    If is not show in

  15. Ayinha Xinon says

    Does this work with GPS joystick?!!?!?

  16. azad islam says


  17. A normal guy says

    Nice writing

  18. xyz milan says

    Bro gps is not found bata raha h

  19. Artur Magalhães says

    Thanks bro

  20. Wilson Teo says

    I used the samsung 10 lite theres no button for allow mock location

  21. WONDER AGRICULTURE.telugu says

    It's not working man😢😢😭😭

  22. Siki Jackson says

    eisai vlakas

  23. tahir agwan says

    Not for joystick mode

  24. Sitakanta Behera says

    Android 9 ka build numberwala option nahi he to wanha kese hoga

  25. Ekko Tùng says

    @@ difficult

  26. wilbert perez says

    Not working for huawei y6??

  27. Adam Beard says

    i can move to a location and can see that i am where i should be but it still says failed to detect location. can anyone help?

  28. Flocke der Hund says

    Ty that fixed it

  29. no says

    It still shows the same thing

  30. Chauhan Yogiketan says

    Thank you

  31. Hydra King says

    Then how we will get a joystick in our Pokemon go

  32. Subhi Jose says

    If i press home button while watching the how will i get solution

  33. KING bidoof says

    NOT working in 2019 around not even December way past march

  34. Honza cimbuz says

    I do the same but my joystick doesn't work pls help

  35. Arshraj Singh says

    3988 2053 0813 add me

  36. Pawan Kumar says

    How to hack Pokemon go with out allow mock location reply fast I am waiting

  37. pureclover says


  38. no says

    Im so close to lvl 10 lol. I suck

  39. HackyStar says

    Mtlab tumlok view keliye Kuch v karoge kya ???

  40. Patrick Fagan says

    Doesn't work with my pocophone

  41. Tawan says


  42. Bāk•Pumba says

    yo have a 2002 phone or…?

  43. DANIEL GAMING says

    Its doesn't work I have oppo A3S and I didn' find the mocking thing

  44. Namita Das says

    It don't work

  45. Ewa Napieralska says

    Nieraz jest tak jak nie masz internetu ja na samym początku gry też tak miałam

  46. ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead says

    Dude. It just took me back to my real location

  47. gaming yt says

    I wanted mock location to be turned on

  48. RIO KING says

    Doing this we can't spoof our location

  49. Asfi Ferdous says

    Khub upokar hoilo

  50. cool zone says

    Happy deepawali

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