Hey guys. This is my 2nd video of my channel.

Ok so these Unlocks singleplayer cheats on Call of duty 4
Modern warfare without finding those crappy intels.

Step 1: Go to your Call of duty 4 directory. Usually its in
Program files—EA GAMES—Call of duty 4
Step 2: Click the players folder
Step 3: Click the profiles folder
Step 4: Click the name of the profile that you use in
Step 5: Right click the file name config and click Open with—-Notepad
Step 6: Then find what I highlight in the video and set it to

Since I replaced the numbers of intel on 100 so that means that I got 100 intels found (IT DOESNT NEED TO BE 100)

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  1. CeaseFire says

    for those saying it doesn't work you have to save the file with the read-only option this can be found by right clicking on the config file and putting a check on the read only option but only do this after you've saved the config file then save as read only.

  2. Bang Memo says


  3. Ahmet Demir says

    fuck you and your fake friends on the comments you son of a bitch

  4. raees khan says

    it didn't work

  5. arabowicz 317 says

    you are the best! realy!! thanx

  6. Blasthammer4 says

    This video is very helpful,and guess what,IT WORKED!
    You rock man.

  7. ravindu senanayake says

    TNX man

  8. MusicOrGetMugged says

    i cant find it

  9. Petar Tesla says

    What if it doesn't say open with?Help please

  10. El Patchino says

    No It Works Now …. Thank you

  11. Wehrwolf says

    of course it helps.It unlocks the Intels you Need for Cheats in SP.
    they are just for fun 🙂

  12. El Patchino says

    Thank you Very Much …. But This didn't Helped Me ………. thnx any way

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