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iPhone 12 Introducing video September 2020 — Apple. All new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is HERE with Notchless Display, A14 Bionic and LiDAR Scanner!

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Watch this full iPhone 12 video , to have a look at most of the insane features of the future iPhone 12 , iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max with full specification and prices and release date September 2020 !

This video is Exclusive to CONCEPTSIPHONE ! Please not use this video without a permission.

Some new features of iPhone 12 :
– A14 Bionic Chip
– Triple Camera + LiDAR Scanner
– USB-C Connector
– New Navy Blue and Red colors
– All new iOS 14
– 5G Connectivity
– 25W Fast Charging
– 1TB Storage option

– 256GB – 999$
– 512GB – 1,099$
– 1TB – 1,249$


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  1. ConceptsiPhone says

    iPhone 12 Video is HERE! We are now with 344,000+ SUBSCRIBERS!! Thank you so much guys!
    Kind Regards,
    Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone.

  2. Shubhankar Mohta says

    How do you know that they have launched iPhone 12 there is nothing which can be leaked..Tera baap apple ke production plant mein jhadu katka marta hai..Chutiye..🖕

  3. Fk8 lover says

    If only this was real

  4. Priya says

    Release date?

  5. MannyB07 Gaming says


  6. world of FACTS! says

    How fake… how did you manage to get that…..

  7. Frank Da Tank says


  8. Siya says

    Im good with my Xs max 👌

  9. mrkus62 says

    I personally feel like Apple Shouldn’t make a new model for 5 years because it’s over load and its basically looking like they’re running out of ideas so they’re just doing anything at this point same thing Samsung and the auto industry

  10. AlexJustPlays says

    Ok ok. The photo from 0:20


  11. Keylaugh123 says

    Me still using the 6s….oh crap I got 10% battery and I just charged it 😭

  12. StevinPau Sing says

    Like except fourth camera!

  13. Pretty Curls says

    I’m good with my 11 pro Max ! Damn near look the same 😹

  14. Nicki Veonega says

    Dm brendly-kent on insta 💯

  15. Enis Erkan says

    Appşe wont do that low quality video, so this is also fake

  16. Hariyang Dwi says

    Wow beautiful very dear

  17. kf6 3t says


  18. Julia Sagastume says

    I’m still rocking with my iPhone Xs 😉

  19. Tony Mac says

    I waiting for this new phone 📱

  20. GALAND says

    iPhone 12. 6.1? 749$?

  21. Kennedy Aniyah says

    If this is how this phone looks then it’s really ugly.

  22. BáçkŸ Śtéāł says

    0:22 why ultra wide camera is zoom more than telephoto?

  23. ishara madusanka says

    Apple I phone is full of illusion

  24. ᄒ하핳 says


  25. natalia anka aura says

    Indonesia 🇮🇩 mennunggu kehadiran mue iphone 12👌

  26. Boyfriend From Hell says

    My iphone 4s get overheating after play this video

  27. Antonnette Merur says

    I’m selling my old iPhone 10 and xs and xr

  28. TTV reverse YT says

    I think they might square out the edges maybe like the old iPhones??!

  29. 力威健身傻閪至跟八千转两米车 says

    Stephen job would wake up for his Heart and blood

  30. Ethan Wood says

    Next thing you know there will be 100 cameras on your phone.

  31. Ángel Quemada landin says

    Necesito saber cómo se llama esta canción??? Alguien. 😉😉😉

  32. felipe marques says

    Song ??

  33. michiel clocheret says

    2007: this iphone has a camera
    2020: this camera has a iphone XD @bs.fancomunity

  34. Bartek Dymecki says

    This all phones look pretty same for me I don’t even see one different between this really. It’s look like people from apple, don’t really care about ass :/ shame !

  35. Alexander Billy says

    Hello, could someone tell me what the program to create content is called like that?

  36. Amri Bin Munjahidin says

    I tought the Iphone 12 is Box type not a curve type

  37. k leess says

    i a iPhone fan since the 4 this past year there nothing big update with iphone 10 to 11 just the big different put one extra lens in the back and new color 12 and new color no notch but everting felt same i felt like samsung is doing batter than what apple is doing and a year batter on the phone game what next iPhone one more camera lans the 12 is use less in my point if iPhone 13 dont step up there game i going to samsung i felt like i just wasting money on iphone when it look same technology party much same

  38. Zoned says

    I think you exported this on 20fps.


    thi is false

  40. Ronell Kelly says

    How many cameras are there? Jesus Christ looks like my stove

  41. Zohaib Wahid says

    I will buy this

  42. Ryu i says

    Content: ip12
    Ad: realme 6 pro

  43. Majolie Onppt says

    I would prefer if it was the flip model this is too habitual and simple anyway am going to have it 😜😆😎

  44. ketchup555 says

    if this phone has 1.5 tb it needs to run GTA 4 12 anniversary edition lol

  45. Martin Pokmat says

    I´m so excited for this new Iphone. I´m using 7plus and I want buy new one.

  46. 大名 says

    Just buy a fake trio iphone camera sticks in at back of iphone 6 n were good to go👍

  47. dai zayed says

    An iphone 📱 a year will make your money disappear💔

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