iOS 13.5 & iPadOS 13.5 RELEASED To Everyone – one more thing….


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Wallpapers Available Here:

Download App Here:

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  1. Just got the update for iOS 13.5 now we have to wait for IOS 14 to come out in September. Wondering when we will get the iOS 14 update

  2. Updating to iOS 13.5 in my iphone 8 after the applications updates they are not opening up the issue says “ this application is no longer shared with u, to use it you need to buy from the app store my whatsapp, facebook and google chrome these three apps i have updated and now i have turned off the auto updates for applications, can you help me with it?

  3. Hi i’m kinda stalk in my instagram app keeps showing black screen each time i try to view or edit my profile page? Is this the new ios issues or the phone bcos i kinda confuse

  4. Why yours is almost 4GB while mine was only 419MB ? Why does Apple do that it all should be equal. (I have iPhone XS Max)


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