iOS 13.5 is OUT – What's NEW !?


iOS 13.5 is out, iOS 13.5 brings new features and changes to iOS 13. Learn what’s new on iOS 13.5 and what features iOS 13.5 will bring to your iPhone.

iOS 13.5 is finally released after going through a few beta stages. iOS 13.5 is probably the last big update to iOS 13 before the release of iOS 14.

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  1. Problem with this update is the volume goes up and down, even my apple watch that sync on my iphone scrolling down and up ????????

  2. charging problem in 11pro max. till 80% it's fine, from 80% to 81% it takes 18mins and from 81% to 100% it takes 72mins.

  3. had to delete most of my apps to make room for this update. now i cant reinstall my apps because of not enough storage space. anyone else had this issue and how to fix it?

  4. is it best to update via computer thru itunes or just wireless phone by itsef no itunes? thx
    i hate that popup in itunes saying u gotta unlock your phone or something, wating for phone to reply bla bla "to allow access to itunes, please reply on your iphone …."
    also sometimes if u use a 3rd party lightning cable iOS/itunes /phone won't detect it or allow it so u get errors in updating right

    pro tip: always backup FIRST then update to newest iOS

  5. silent Button on Side is Not Working on my Iphone 7 plus And Phone Goes To silent Mode Automatically after 5 mins when i unmute it through Assitive Touch it Again Go to Silent Mode Automatically

  6. How to turn off this COVID tracking crap. Slippery slope with that type of software and just more big brother tracking intrusion. The Health menu on an iPad 7th gen isn’t the same as an iPhone…..

  7. In next AirPods Pro there Will be a Stainless Steel lift inside in killer design. Work. With Commercial for that thing only. it’s Sexy.


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