iOS 13.5 OFFICIAL On iPhone 7! (Review)



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iOS 13.5 just officially came out, so here’s exactly how it runs on the iPhone 7!

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  1. After updated my iphone 7 it's automatic restart again & again and showing no service what's wrong with my iphone. Suggest me what I do.

  2. hello @simple alpaca do you experience audio ic issue when you update to 13.4 or 13.4.1?? or this 13.5 update??

  3. We don't care about the storage man. All we do care about is the heating and battery life issue after the 13.5 update on Iphone 7

  4. Hey just wannna ask u . I am running on IOS 12. Haven't uodated, just thinking of updating to 13.5. Pls suggest me should I update or just run with 12.1.
    iPhone 7 plus

  5. Microphone not working on iphone 7?my audios are fuzzy nd unclear!! Does anyone have an idea bout what’s happening ?

  6. It is always amazing to me how so-called tech website/tech enthusiast/tech journalist seems much more like propaganda mouth pieces than actual information hubs for their readers and listeners. Just as CNN/Fox or MSN would repeat verbatim the actual talking points given to them by the CIA, NSA, Justice department or state officials; to manipulate public perception to their will, so to is this nonsensical video blog by Zollotech – and by extension, this idiot on the screen. “It’s encrypted, its safe, you have to opt in, rivals working together for the common good, and its only available for public health agencies to incorporate into their own application” blah, blah, blah… did you verify all of this information for yourself? Was any of it varifyed by an independant third party? – No! You are saying these things because you were told these things by the tech companies, and so you repeat them. Nothing more than another lynx in the chain.

    Accross the web so-called tech sites/enthusiast has been saying that “Privacy is something that Apple and Google are taking seriously in regards to Covid-19 contact tracing.” This is the information coming from a Tech website, that is supposedly more informed than I am about tech companies. How many times during the past 10 years have both companies been found abusing various public privacy rules? I’ll wait for that answer…

    No where in his rant did he mentioned that according to Reuters, “Authorities in 23 countries across five continents have sought access to contact tracing technology from Apple and Alphabet’s Google” According to the companies, “authorities would have to stop requiring phone numbers from users” – meaning it is possible! One of the many golden rules of privacy is that no one will risk going to jail for you and the same can be said about for-profit companies. The carelessness to which these so-called tech enthusiasts gullibly suspend critical thinking is astounding.

    According to Albert Fox Cahn, executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, "The lesson of the USA Patriot Act and other 'temporary' post 9/11 surveillance we're still fighting to roll back is that emergency responses rarely are as short-lived as the emergency," according to him, "The threat from COVID-19 won't simply disappear. We will likely face some degree of risk for years. We simply can't trust tech giants to roll back this invasive and potentially profitable surveillance net simply because they say they will."

  7. Thanks for the thorough exclamation, I will NOT be adding this 1.07 Gig update to my 11 Pro. I have never worn a mask since this whole PLANdemic came out, even at Costco or Menards. I told them at the stores that I’m not going to put the mask on, which is really just a form of submission, not protection, and they let me right in… It’s all about control, and this nation is being controlled. Just like a frog being put into a pot of water, it happens slowly, but in the end, the goal will be achieved. The CDC estimates that approximately 34 million to 56 million Americans catch the flu each year, with 210,000 to 370,000 flu sufferers hospitalized because of the virus globally, and the World Health Organization estimates that the flu kills approximately 650,000 people per year, yet no quarantine or National Guard troops have been brought in over the years because of this? Why should this be any different? 🤔 And to think that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation came up with this scenario in October, 2019, before the supposed “pandemic“ even hit? Research “Event 201”.

  8. New iOS'S suck, I have iOS 13.4 when I saw that the iPhone 7 got more slower on iOS 13.4.1 than the previous. And then I saw that iOS 13.5 is out, but i think I will stay with iOS 13.4, I think Apple just wanna kill older iPhones becoming them more slower and with worse battery life.


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