iOS 13.5 Released! The COVID-19 Update


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iOS 13.5 was just released and makes it easier to unlock your phone while wearing a mask with a handy update to Face ID, introduces COVID-19 exposure tracking, adds the ability to automatically send your Medical ID to first responders and more. What is your favorite new feature in iOS 13.5?

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  1. That’s a lie you will be detained … hr6666 look up congress bill . All 50 states that’s global . Also look at nyc senate bill … look at the literature it clearly states you will be detained… governor Andrew Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg have worked on this.. go in Apple will track you regardless even if you opt out or not…. this is a violation of your constitutional rights… this is also another violation under numbergcode. As in ww2 hitler and nazi party trials … I suggest everybody in the United States and all countries start protesting and shutting your government down now…. here is the New York senate bill… look up what I just told you the information is all public the government is lying to each and everyone of you…

  2. You should’ve said the medical ID thing is for the US only! Not everyone watching you is from there and might get confused.

  3. Sadly the UK has chosen not to use the Apple Covid tracker. Instead we have a crappy NHS app built by a utility company

  4. مفيد جداً للمنقبات والله اتوقع ما كانوا بيفكروا فيهم لو مافي كرونا


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