Ironside Malphite Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Ironside Malphite Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Malphite on their Ironside Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.
This Video is a full spotlight and therefore is in 60fps when played back in supported browsers.

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  1. Anonymous Alex says

    It's on sale. Should I buy it?

  2. Diamond Thilay says

    from the name and splash i thought hed be metallic

  3. BryceDominic says

    whats that!!! wait, is that a Boat!!! 😀

  4. Caleb Murray says

    Fiiiiiiine, take my money…

  5. Cristi Ricanu says

    Bought Mecha Malphite at 50% sale… got this from a gift chest from my friend…. He recived warring kingdoms nidalee way cooler than this xD

  6. Aiko The Teacher says

    Very Good Skin worth the price

  7. Captain Gigglez says

    I havent played this game in nearly 2 years.. I'm happy to see they're still using Malphite's terrible expressions xD

  8. Huy Quang Bui says

    1 million subscribers!

  9. Bruce says

    when is that dominion sumoners rift going on the PBE ?

  10. Dat Vu says


  11. KrE3Ed says

    They really need to make malphites model bigger

  12. lufiprime says

    He is the Flying Bushman! now may Dutchman?

  13. George GRamer says

    Its a good skin. Guys why you tell its bad?

  14. George GRamer says

    It's a good skin guys def

  15. Gemini Chubb says

    Nothing special. -_- I wont buy this skin

  16. Jules says

    His only good skin is Glacial. Mecha is shit. This is eh..his abilities just aren't "cool" enough for skins lol

  17. Wolle van Ro says

    That's not Malphite. That's a boat.

  18. Dimebag Darrel says


  19. Chingalling says

    Good execution of a mediocre idea, but its not something il be spending any money on, but like MeL Chilinliivvilillilin below me says, it does look very different than the others, with is a positive in my book

  20. Flash says


  21. Sigma TAS says

    ummm what was that capture tower shit!!?!

  22. Romain Teissier says

    wow malhite ressemble enfin a quelque chose

  23. Mindaugas Petkus says

    Wood V

  24. Guy on YouTube says

    best skin in league

  25. Amtra1778 says

    Should've left it at Mecha Malph 😐 This skin isn't that visually pleasing.

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