IWriter Review 2018


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First of all, IWriter is legit!

This is a complete breakdown of my IWriter Review for 2018!

We discuss –

IWriter Pricing
IWriter Tips and Tricks
IWriter Overall
IWriter Recommendations
IWriter What to look out for?
IWriter Rankings meanings?

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I use IWriter mainly as a guideline for my articles and blog posts.
Since the writers may not always have the best English, I give them some leeway when reading their work.

If they have good content, but make a few mistakes, I will gladly accept the project and ensure that they get compensated.

One thing I recommend is to put special instructions in the job description to make sure that they read the instructions.

I give IWriter a solid 8 out of 10.

It is very easy to get several articles written for you within a few hours.

The price is very reasonable for premium writers between 700-1000 words.

Sometimes the English isn’t great, but the content is good overall. It makes for a quick 5 minute correction on my part, instead of spending an hour or two writing an entire article.

If I am not pleased with any articles written for me, then I don’t have to pay for it.

I would highly recommend this service if you are in need of some content, lack some time, or just hate writing!

Hope you enjoyed my 2018 IWriter Review!

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