Kove – Le Retour


Making the most of what’s left of summer with Kove’s nostalgia-infused Le Retour, out now in collaboration with our friends at Drum&BassArena.
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All roads lead to our UKF10 finale at Studio 338 in London on the 14th of December:

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  1. UKF Drum & Bass says

    Incredibly honoured to welcome Kove to the UKF10 series! Like the title implies, Le Retour is a return to his roots and the sound we first fell in love with back in the day 💘

  2. PsiCrow says

    Logistics called. He wants Blackout back

  3. TheHumanMachine says

    im getting 2009-2012 vibes

  4. MrJoedler says

    This tune make me feel so in Love with Life ! Biggup Kove ! much love !

  5. hupa1a says

    What a tune!

  6. macaronisalad says


  7. lunecker says

    UKF visuals are always so damn satisfying to watch <3

  8. Electromental Music says

    Now this puts the Funk in Liquid funk

  9. Redemptive says

    [Baguette Music Intensifies]

  10. lunecker says

    a w e s o m e n e s s

  11. Alicja Sochaczewska says

    in 2011 year UKF HOUSE maybe Dub?

  12. Alicja Sochaczewska says

    dziękuję z całego serca UKF

  13. Maroš V. says


  14. NiteFlexx says

    Pretty much diggin the Old Hospital Records vibe! Magnifique uplifting tune! Big ups

  15. miss fxfrost says


  16. thompsy says

    Reminds me of Sigma – Paint it Black

  17. Mo Samuels says

    This is a summer anthem

  18. Jules ROTILIO says

    it sounds like a sample of "EARTH WIND & FIRE – Fantasy" ?

  19. Elliott White says

    Is it me or does this song feel like a 2010-2014 summer anthem or what

  20. Terry Withey says

    Love it …know more said.

  21. RUFU5 says

    Is this a sample he used from something? If it is it’s a pearl of a find! If it isn’t, then this guy is just absolute Fcuking sick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Willem B. says

    Ft. Technimatic?

  23. RUFU5 says

    This just sounds like an old classic tune I’ve been listening to for years! Really great feel good tune this! Love it!

  24. TheHumanMachine says

    person 1: whats your favorite genre?
    person 1: i like rap
    person 2: i like pop
    person 3: i like crunk
    me: UKF drum n bass

  25. Вадим Свитавский says

    Perfect music, remember me 00s

  26. Payne dnb says


  27. TheDevilinCorp says

    très bon track

  28. Sam Wynne says

    Perfect for forza.

  29. cun7us says

    Nice tune, but the mastering could have been a lot better. Sounds really distorted.

  30. Jason bonnet says

    Listen this when you wake up ! It will be a good day ❤️

  31. Redemptive says

    Funk in the trunk my dudes

  32. H M Lockwood says

    You can hear the Danny Byrd and High Contrast influences, great track.

  33. Lionel Messi says

    Moi : vois un titre de musique en français
    Aussi moi : CLIQUE DESSUS

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