Latest Pokemon Go Hack, NO JAILBREAK, TAP To WALK, Teleport, MAP HACK


Pokemon Go hacks, tricks, and secrets have been flooding the internet this week. If you are still not aware of Pokemon GO game, you might be living in a cave. Anyways here’s a brief description: It’s a pseudo reality game where players hunt virtual Pokémon on their phones in real-life locations. It uses the camera and GPS on the player’s device to catch Pokémon.

A rooted Android device.
Xposed Framework & installer: (How to install Xposed framework & installer): If you don’t want to root your device to receive OTA update, you can use Systemless Xposed method which allows you to disable everything in one click.
Pokemon GO App
Pokemon GO Joystick module (v2.3.1): Download (It’s an apk file)

Changelog v2.4.2 (14th Aug):

Potential Bug fixes – Joystick disappearing, bookmarks bug, failed to detect location, E/W setting, N/W & E/W speed, cleaner logs.
Fixed app crash when speed set to ‘faster’
Fixed bug – ‘failed to detect to location’ error – No extra module is now needed (It works out-of-the-box).
Option to hide joystick in tap-to-move mode.
Enter latitude,longitude and then choose a location.
More speed settings
Added FAQ in the app.
Launch ‘Pokemon Go’ from the module


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