League of Legends: Mecha Malphite (Skin Spotlight)


Mecha Malphite Skin Skin Released: July 24, 2014

– Mecha Malphite Skin Features –
■ New sound effects
■ New ability effects
■ Mechanized voice
■ New recall animation
■ 1350 RP

For more information on Malphite, Shard of the Monolith, check out the League of Legends wiki on this champion:

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Programs and tools used: Photoshop, Sony Vegas Studio, Dxtory and LoLReplay.

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  1. Angel Daniel Ortiz says


  2. Boris Kojic says

    this skin need rework

  3. Xayah says

    splash art vs in game :c

  4. SOMEBODY 111 says

    this skin is sexy

  5. Cynnx7 says

    Good thing I got this on Super sale, 60% off!

  6. Tyler Yang says

    love how you do the close up and slow mo. great vid 🙂

  7. LordMatt48 says

    Best recall anim ever

  8. Stanley Chen says

    much better than skin spotlight. keep it up!

  9. Alexander Romanov says

    Much better than skin spotlight. Keep on doing great job!

  10. 짱Jjang says

    Splash art is misleading thought he would be darker he kinda looks like an action figure 😛

  11. Jesper Huis says

    I freakin love this skin. been playing malphite almost every game(full at though)

  12. Rotcrawler says

    Wow, these videos are much better than skin spotlight's, shows off the skills a lot better. Shame he has more views.

  13. santiago rodriguez says

    I love this skin good work

  14. Andy PKM says

    Did everyone notice the map?
    It is the new summoners rift update that is still in progress.

  15. Homo sapiens says

    I think Mal need some rework ..

  16. Morgan Rumford says

    looks likea tranformer lol

  17. WhoFeed? says

    How your channel is so small ? Omg !! Its so Good !!

  18. The Fiddle says


  19. The Fiddle says

    With whath you shoot ? What Software ?

  20. Rob Briuchov says

    Nice! Make video with battlecast urgot pls

  21. Jazz1Ne says

    Great videos, keep up the fantastic work. Truly appreciate these. Thanks.

  22. ChannelOfZed says

    Sorry, I think you forgot the passive. (yeah, it's obvious, red: no passive, blue: passive). Anyway, it's a Great video!

  23. KaPoraLTeamTV says

    Good vidéo man 

  24. MarlonMesiasJr says

    Will this be on sale when it is first release? If so how much will it be?

  25. Califerion says

    so when is the release of both mecha malphite and aatrox?????

  26. rbce ce says

    New Sona Visual Update please! Thank you! 🙂

  27. OthellZethus says

    ouch not even 700 views in about a day.

  28. YingYang270 says

    This skin is #1 favorite Malphite skin for my collection. Its got those cool particle effects and that awesome recall! Glacial is second fave and Obsidian third fave. Although this skin could use some pretty neat death animation like small bits of parts falling off like how Battecast Cho'gath and Battlecast Velkoz had for it's death animation. Other than that its still a great skin.

  29. Yomas says

    You deserve more views, your videos has such high Quality i allways stick to your videos

  30. RKNS says

    I love it tbh, i love how different it looks, although…the death animations for both him and aatrox are just extremely disappointing…but those recall animations are the most fantastic things I've seen

  31. zaki NBG says

    Good spotlight as always but the textures of this skin are super shitty.
    I'd even prefer sions look over that thing….

  32. RedTheCrimson says

    idk man, I mean it looks great, but a bit cartoony. The sounds, voice, is a bit too high pitched I think. It should be lower, and he should look more rougher in color, etc. It's a great skin though, no doubt.

  33. Sieg Turtle says

    Awesome quality as always.

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