League of Legends: Obsidian Malphite (HQ Skin Spotlight)


Obsidian Malphite Skin Released: 2011-08-15

For more information on Malphite, Shard of the Monolith, check out the League of Legends wiki on this champion:

These skin spotlights show every skill effect, champion animation, taunts, jokes, dance and laugh emotes. Death, recall and respawn animations in full length. We provide the best and clearest skin spotlights on YouTube with no distracting health bars or any interfering overlays (HUD/UI). Unique camera angles, slow-motion and zooms all in the highest quality YouTube can handle. These spotlights are action packed with gameplay footage thrown in for a complete spotlight experience.

If you have any questions, skin request or suggestions, please send a PM through YouTube.

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Programs and tools used: Photoshop, Sony Vegas Studio, Dxtory, LOLReplay and Adobe After Effects.

Nguồn: https://offkilterbike.com

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