LEGENDARY LAVA HOUND!! | Ep 8 | Clash Royale


Clash Royale Let’s Play Part 8!! — In this episode, I’m doing better and I show off my new legendary Lava Hound that I unlocked in a crown chest!! I also go up against a LEVEL 9 noodler who has troops I don’t even know the names of!!

My Clash Royale series is centered around the official Golden Noodlers clan. Each video will feature a number of friendly battles and gameplay with my fans trying their best to take me down. Thankfully, I’m a noob, so I’m sure there will be a ton of failures on my part and the noodlers can show all of their friends that they beat me! And hopefully, I’ll learn some Clash Royale strategy from them along the way!

Clan Tag: #Y8GY2PY

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  1. P0l33daily says

    Out of all the legendarys he gets the worst rip Justin

  2. Super Moey says

    I know that was me I was like siiick it’s rainbow

  3. Oscar Jelfs says

    Always have arrows in your deck they are super effective against weak low health troops like skeletons minions and goblins

  4. GKM Gaming says

    P.S i would use the legendary Place palm on face

  5. GKM Gaming says

    3d battle:So much for playing defense

  6. Galactic_ Puppy says

    I have three legendary the lava hound grave yard and ice wizard

  7. Creeper reaper says

    Well the lava haund is not the worst legendary it id pretty distructive

  8. Dyland Plays says

    They were fire spirits

  9. Dyland Plays says

    U had to put the fireball

  10. Dyland Plays says

    No he is with inferno dragon

  11. Vex-Tech-824 says

    I’m arena four I unlocked a super magical chest and I thought this is it but I got a……….LAVA HOUND

  12. Zack the inkling says

    He said lava hound is the worse lol nice joke

  13. Lord Luke says

    I love lots of your vids can I PLZ join your clan with my second account I'm on regularly and I'm in jungle arena which is arena 9 and I'm only lvl 8 but in arena 9 which is pretty good

  14. Lord Luke says

    At level 7 I was in frozen peak

  15. Lord Luke says

    Ur bad at tactics

  16. Alilfc 2272 says

    play with lava hound and balloon in the same deck

  17. Alilfc 2272 says

    play with lava hound and balloon in the same deck

  18. Remi Stamnes says

    I got a legandary from a crown chest too!

  19. Lars Andersson says

    i think that lava hound is the worst legendery in the game

  20. Unknown Penguin says

    Think royale

  21. Ariff Apit says

    Think can u make more clash royale video plss

  22. Gabriela Zaharia says

    Lava Hounds best friend is baby dragon lava hound it looks like he does same damage as baby dragon but it has way more health and when it dies lava flying things come out to attack

  23. Q MA says

    Dude, there are some very good lava hound decks out there and I got to arena 9 with the lava hound.
    There is no worst card…

  24. Saatanan Vammainen says

    Lava hound is not the worst lol

  25. Jungmi Choi says

    Your so lucky

  26. DarkSk1 says

    Lava Hound is o.p

  27. Captain Pancakes12 says

    The worst legendary is Sparky

  28. sayanth krishna says


  29. The Boss Gamer says

    Cmon that's no fair he has a legendary and I don't even if I am in arena 6

  30. CaptainPancakes12 - Diego Garcia says

    the worst legendary is the sparky

  31. Fetched says

    fire spirits duhhh

  32. Minty Pants says

    Arena six no legends

  33. Jose V says

    I got inferno Dragon

  34. Jose V says

    I check and it's 2017 June 1 and it's full

  35. Quarterback144 says

    Lava hound is good now

  36. Long Answer : says

    I got an inferno dragon from a giant chest

  37. Petra Peter says

    haahahah im level 7 in arena 7 he level 7 in a arena 4

  38. Reynaldo, Junior Ty says

    pffff i get a legendary in a classic challenge with 0 wins

  39. TimXGaming says

    I got the lava hound from a silver chest this morning

  40. Justinthegamer Gamerz Prince says

    lol i have electro wiz sparky and graveyard and im on arena 8 and level 9

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