Legends of Runeterra: Official Launch Video | “BREATHE”


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“Breathe (Legends of Runeterra Version)”
Original song by: Fleurie
Remix by: Riot Music Team

Video created in partnership with Unit Image

Directed by Ben Hibon

Nguồn: https://offkilterbike.com

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  1. Legends of Runeterra says

    Download and play now! https://riotgames.sng.link/Dcxen/x825

  2. Wayna Alvarado says

    Riot is coming out with the best cinamatics ever. I can't wait for an actual movie or anime. I think they should make the girl and boy a due in the game for ppl who want to play together like Xayah and Rakan.

  3. Christos Donuttalk says

    FUCK OFF DARIUS! Why do ppl need to keep saving ur ass from zed?

  4. ScioNoctis says

    They make zed seem like the bad guy which is a bruh moment

  5. G.G. says

    Darius JOINS DEM-De… demacia?

  6. Doom Guy says

    I just relised that in this cinematic zed is with the navori and not the shadow order. And darius is woth demacia. This shit literally makes no sense lore wise but i'm loving every single second of it.

  7. Othello Ousay says

    Somehow, been listening to the chill remix version of it for a long time then it's anthem for League now. Interesting indeed

  8. Julho Fraga says

    Soooo… where is the button to "like a hundred times" in this thing?

  9. Gabriel Bueno says

    Sucks to be Freljord.

  10. kE3n Wyck says

    Putain mais quelle merveille cette video !

  11. Josh Green says

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  12. SeifZ says

    Make Cithria a champion already!

  13. Anas AZZABI says

    This video's full of Hamon energy.

  14. Anand Raman says

    Ain't that slingshot duo ekko and the person painted on the wall in his cinematic trailer?

  15. Hiệu Nguyễn bá says

    I’m so confused
    Isn’t noxian are the bad guys for me nvadinh ionia?Why is the video describes them as the good guys and zed with the gang who are protecting their homeland as the bad guy?

  16. Tsubame Gaeshi says

    e eu que pensei que os champion novo seriam alguns dos personagens desse clipe

  17. Travis Cummings says

    Seriously, if making games doesn't work out, they should make animated movies! This animation is top notch!

  18. Nhi Nguyễn says

    Like, this song was my most favourite song 3 years ago, every time i listened to it, it reminded me about a couple, they had been through a really tough time. But now watching this video, i feel myself in it:(

  19. tester tester says


  20. Cris Core says

    Después de warriors, esta es la segunda canción legendaria de Riot Games, lastima que no se haya visto tanto

  21. WateredWater says

    damn, and i thought noxus was kinda evil but WOOH. Hes looking manly.

  22. Daniel rogers says

    The videos are way better than th ecard game

  23. カントウR says

    >Riot releases a new music video
    unzip pants
    "Thank your Rito gods"

  24. Vicious says

    So when are they going to make Cithria an actual champion?

  25. Vicious says

    MFW I realize the girl leading the Demacian charge is the grown up version of a 1 drop 2/2

  26. Inu X Neko says


  27. Honor says

    I love dota and play it more, but Dota's lore pales in comparison to League's, Both games have their pros and cons favored subjectively by everyone. But wow League's lore is so immense and immersive, it just feels so alive and vibrant.

  28. TT Extinction says

    Why CARDS Game? Just.. WHY ?

  29. The Forgotten Poet says

    Someday I'm gonna see these two children in the league

  30. Just Me says


  31. Diavolo says

    Moral of the song: Don't hold your breath for longer than you can

  32. Scarlet says


  33. Ezrael says

    I'm the Archangel of League, NA Faker, before my godly eyes

  34. the lazymonkey says

    2:53 now we have a fearsome darius

  35. Sgt K. says

    Berserk the animation would be like this I guess..

  36. HaiPA Silviu says

    so much work for a game doomed to fail before release 😛 …

  37. Emil Kingsley says

    This is one of the most beautiful animations I've ever seen in my life. Absolutely amazing.

  38. KafkaIs Chaznable says

    I probably like and main Darius cuz he resembles Guts a lot.

  39. Maria Fernandes says

    oi tudo bem

  40. Narmalone says

    Beautifull, make me dream more

  41. Jonathan Armstrong says

    zed probally isnt even the bad guy in this cinematic

  42. TheChristmasWarrior 3847 says

    I kinda want Zed to win because whatever other champions there are on there fighting Zed unless you pull an Akali or an Aatrox I hate all of them

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