Legends of Runeterra: Official Launch Video | “BREATHE”


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“Breathe (Legends of Runeterra Version)”
Original song by: Fleurie
Remix by: Riot Music Team

Video created in partnership with Unit Image

Directed by Ben Hibon

Nguồn: https://offkilterbike.com

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  1. Riot is coming out with the best cinamatics ever. I can't wait for an actual movie or anime. I think they should make the girl and boy a due in the game for ppl who want to play together like Xayah and Rakan.

  2. I just relised that in this cinematic zed is with the navori and not the shadow order. And darius is woth demacia. This shit literally makes no sense lore wise but i'm loving every single second of it.

  3. Somehow, been listening to the chill remix version of it for a long time then it's anthem for League now. Interesting indeed

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  5. I’m so confused
    Isn’t noxian are the bad guys for me nvadinh ionia?Why is the video describes them as the good guys and zed with the gang who are protecting their homeland as the bad guy?

  6. Like, this song was my most favourite song 3 years ago, every time i listened to it, it reminded me about a couple, they had been through a really tough time. But now watching this video, i feel myself in it:(

  7. I love dota and play it more, but Dota's lore pales in comparison to League's, Both games have their pros and cons favored subjectively by everyone. But wow League's lore is so immense and immersive, it just feels so alive and vibrant.

  8. I kinda want Zed to win because whatever other champions there are on there fighting Zed unless you pull an Akali or an Aatrox I hate all of them


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